Introducing a carnival of fantastic offers and privileges this April with the Nomad Card

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it probably won’t have passed you by that this month saw the exciting launch of the Nomad Card – your pass to dedicated privileges and offers in the very same Nomad-worthy spots which you have loved reading about over at City Nomads, not to mention cool events and happenings across the island.

But hey, March is almost a thing of the past and with April around the corner, it can only mean one thing – LOADS MORE GREAT OFFERS being rolled out.

If you thought March looked good then hold on to your seats Nomads because April is going to blow your socks off with a carnival of fantastic offers lined up especially for Nomad Card holders.

Want a sneaky peek of what’s in store for April? Well hold tight folks, here’s what’s coming up…

Buyan: 30% off Russian haute cuisine

Eco Gourmet Cafe: 30% off fusion food in lush surrounds

J’s at Purvis Street: 30% off luscious Latin cuisine

Michelangelo’s: 30% off Italian delights from one of Singapore’s dining icons

Praelum Wine Bistro:30% off French-Indochinese cuisine paired with a treasure trove of wines at 10% off

Violet Oon’s Kitchen: 30% off delicious Peranakan cuisine from one of Singapore’s leading chef’s

The Muffinry: 15% off drool-worthy muffins in every flavour imaginable

Sole Service: 20% off massage services to your door

My Vintage Jewel Box: 20% off artisan, one-of-a-kind jewellery

That’s on top of all the great offers we rolled out in March:

Tamarind Hill: 30% off delicious Thai fine-dining

Kazbar: 30% off the best Middle Eastern cuisine in town

Sarnies: 30% off fantastic café fare and killer coffee

The Cufflink Club: 15% off lip-smacking cocktails

AFOND Spa: 50% off massage and facial therapies

Fred Lives Here: 15% off uber cool furniture

Plus discounts and complimentary tickets for wine and dine events, theatre performances, music festivals, access to invite-only exhibition openings keeping those already in the know busy, with much more of where that good stuff came from in April.

Time to join the club?

Get your Nomad card available in a 3, 6 or 12 month membership priced at $84 ($28/month), $132 ($22/month) and $216 ($18/month) respectively. Join HERE NOW to start enjoying these privileges!

Written by Ms Demeanour

Emily Seow

Chief Editor

Emily heads the editorial team on City Nomads by being a stickler for details, a grammar Nazi, and a really picky eater. Born and bred in Singapore, she loves cats, the written word, exploring new places, and all things Harry Potter. Easily bribed with good cocktails.

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