Ramen Matsuri: Happy chickens, make happy chicken soup!

Ramen Matsuri

In an unassuming little ramen shop along North Canal road, you will find the most soothing, hearty chicken ramen that you’ve tasted in a long time. The kind of ramen that next time you feel a little flu-ey and need a wholesome and comforting chicken broth to soothe your sore throat – you’ll be hankering after.

Chicken ramen quite often gets less accolade than its pork counterpart, with the exception of Tori King by Keisuke which became famous for the mighty, meaty chicken drumstick, rather than the broth. Now Ramen Mitsuri has stepped up to the competition rather significantly by offering a new Sakura Chicken Ramen menu. For those not in the know about Sakura Chicken…prepare to be gobsmacked!

Sakura chickens are the grand dames of the chicken world, reared using a unique Japanese farming technology without antibiotics and growth hormones. They are fed with lactobacillus (that’s friendly bacteria to us non-science folks!) to enhance their immune systems naturally and reared in a temperature-controlled, hygienic environment with more than sufficient space for them to waddle around, while enjoying the music of Mozart! The result? Greater flavour, less fat and cholesterol, increased nutritional value and far tastier meat.

Chef Ikehata’s honed his skills as an assistant kitchen manager with Ishingo, a well-known Chinese restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo, which has 100 years of history. The Chinese influence is obviously apparent in his cooking style which makes for some unique flavours, most unexpected in a Japanese ramen shop.

For example, the Gyoza ($5), tasted more like jiaozi I’ve eaten and the Stir-fried Vegetables with Char Siew ($8) were surprising! Not that I’m complaining, the Gyoza were juicy, a little soupy in the middle, seasoned perfectly and delicious and the stir-fried vegetables had a really smokey, wok-fried flavour that went down a treat.

The Sakura Chicken Ramen Rich Super ($16.90) however was the main event, a hearty bowl full of the most chicken-y, milky, flavoursome broth I have tasted in a long time. A subtle hint of sweetness but not overpoweringly so, a rich full flavour and the chicken slices were melt-in-the-mouth- tender.  The noodles tasted as if they were the freshest of the fresh, nice and spongy with substance and the egg was perfect with a soft yolky middle. To sum up…good stuff.

All in all I was pretty impressed with Ramen Matsuri. For a yummy lunch for CBD-ites that will taste as good as the positivity it does your body, it’s a good, quick, tummy-warming and reasonably priced option. My only gripe would be that while downstairs has a cool vibe with its murals and customary Ramen house flags, upstairs feel bereft of love and could seriously do with a makeover.

If chicken broth doesn’t float your boat, Ramen Matsuri also offers other ramen varieties which I will certainly be back to try, but I do recommend the Sakura Chicken. It’s the tastiest medicine you’ll ever try!

Ramen Matsuri is located at 7 North Canal Road, Singapore, 048820. Opening Hours are Monday – Saturday: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm.


Written by Heh Zee

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