The Missing Pan: Hearty brunch classics with a twist

The Missing Pan

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In a little shophouse, set back off the traffic-laden Bukit Timah Road, a bakery and bistro can be found by the name of The Missing Pan. Blink and you might miss it. So perhaps it’s best to keep your eyes fully peeled.

A cute one up, one down with an easy going vibe and quirky interior details like light fixtures made from kitchen utensils and a hotchpotch of drawers coming out from the walls, gives The Missing Pan a lighthearted feel. Upstairs in the bistro, as you glance down the length of the shophouse, you can see the kitchen staff busying away preparing brunch. However, on our visit the kitchen was making us wait just that little bit too long with a lone serving staff run ragged trying to cover the floor.

That being said, any air or annoyance that might have built up with your rumbling tummy vanishes the minute your food arrives at the table and that’s for two reasons. The first is very tasty food. The second is portions which are more than generous.

Take the French Toast Salpicon ($19). Make no mistake this is no ordinary French toast. Sweet on the outside and savoury on the inside, although you wouldn’t think so from the picture, this mother of French toasts has to be the biggest and baddest and makes others out there look downright puny. Think chicken, mushroom and spinach stuffed inside a French toast with an exterior laden with banana nuggets, mixed berries and strawberry-smoked maple syrup. It might sound like a messy mish-mash of a dish but trust us it absolutely works and is genius!

The 62 Degree Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon ($22) – also available with gammon ham – are cooked in a warmer giving them an amazingly oozy, soupy texture on impact; and are paired beautifully with cubes of in-house smoked salmon which somehow manage to be textural and butter soft all in one go. Finished off with in-house Hollandaise, avocado and seaweed crumbs and sat atop crusty sourdough bread which makes the perfect tool for some serious plate mopping.

For something extra hearty, the Guinness Pot Pie ($24) is a compact, rich, meaty parcel of savoury goodness packed full of juicy chunks of beef. This is a real man’s dish and would probably make you feel like chopping down some wood with an axe after eating! Things might be getting a bit heavy at this point, so thankfully along came the Beetroot Quinoa Salad ($12) with its candied, zesty flavours to save the day.

The Missing Pan prides themselves on offering hearty, mood-lifting and belly-warming food with an imaginative approach. Having been irked by the wait, the food certainly turned our mood around and there is no doubt not only did our fare warm our bellies but also absolutely stuffed them! The quality of the food makes you almost happy it didn’t rush out – because you could almost feel the love that had gone into making it.

Written by Ms Demeanour

On this occasion the meal was compliments of The Missing Pan
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