We Will Dance….and we’re so excited!

Do you love to dance? Are you passionate about raising money for charity? And more importantly, do you have incredible stamina and cheer?

If so, then listen up!

What is We Will Dance?

We Will Dance is a 10-hour dance marathon for charity. Starting at midday and going all the way through until 10 pm, participants in teams of 1 to 3 (or larger for corporate groups) will dance the day away to help raise money for charity. Each hour, professional dance instructors will lead the stage, guiding participants through a variety of dance moves, with the themes changing each hour, from Zumba to Hip Hop to Street Jazz to K-POP and more!

Based on the ‘Thon’ that has been taking place for years in the USA, thousands of people gather together, dance the day and night away all in the name of charity and good will. Here’s a little taster from the stateside version..

Organised in conjunction with Give Asia, participants and sponsors can donate to up to 100 local charities. That means helping charities such as Community Chest, Breast Cancer Foundation, The Substation or the Cat Welfare Society.

Why get involved?

1) It’s going to be awesome. 10 hours of dancing surrounding by energetic and happy people. Enough said really. And remember, you don’t HAVE to dance by yourself for 10 hours. (phew!!!- editor’s note) You can join in tag teams or groups. You’ll only need to dance for 1 hour minimum 🙂

2) It’s for charity. And better yet, you get to donate to the charity that you feel most passionately about.

3) Meet great people. Ok, it’s the afternoon and you’re going to be sweaty as all hell at Hong Lim, but at least you’ll be surrounded by other fun-loving people who are there laughing away with you!

4) Because, we love a bit of charity and giveaway at City Nomads, we’re giving ALL participants to We Will Dance a 1 month City Nomads members Nomad E- Card to use, get discounts and freebies at over 50+ awesome venues around Singapore. For more information, visit citynomads.com/members.

How can you get involved?

For a start, visit their website here.

Select either public, student or corporate, how many people you’ll be signing up, or rather grooving the day away with! and of course, which category you want to dance! Super easy.

Then, it’s time to start campaigning and convincing your friends and family to get involved and help support your charity of choice.

Join us City Nomads on the day itself!

That’s right, we Nomads will be down there boogying all afternoon. We can have up to 30 people in our team so if you’re keen to get involved in a bit of social, dance madness, just shoot us an email at [email protected] (or join our meetup group here). Joining our group is completely free, but we strongly encourage you to donate generously to our chosen charity, the Cat Welfare Society:

The Cat Welfare Society is a charity that aims to promote a humane, responsible and informed society in Singapore where cats are cared for responsibly as pets and treated with kindness as community cats.

The Society also actively promotes sterilisation as a vital person responsibility of a cat owner and an effective means to control our community cat population, instead of destruction.

For more information about We Will Dance, visit wewilldance.sg

To donate to the cause, click here. And once again, to get involved with our team, just contact us at [email protected]


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Alex is our Chief Nomad and City Nomads founder. When not rambling his way around Singapore on discovery-mode, he likes to hang out with friends, cook, make experimental cocktails and attempt handstands during yoga.

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