A Day Walkin’ on Water: Stand Up Paddling on Sentosa

Sentosa is overrun with tourist snares and simulated adventures, but on Tanjong beach, the less commercialized of the Sentosa beaches, a more organic adventure awaits! A new trend in the watersports community has finally landed in Singapore—stand up paddle boarding. The first time I saw someone stand up paddling (SUP) it was from a distance…and I was convinced they were waking on water. Well, it’s not so far from the truth—just grab a big board and a paddle and you can feel as if you’re walking on water.

As a board sport enthusiast, I thought I might have an advantage going into this sport. Gaining confidence quickly on the board, it’s easy enough that anyone (prior experience or not) could get the concept quickly. Though I had no idea how to paddle efficiently, Isabelle, owner and instructor of the school, makes sure you learn the proper techniques.

Once you realize how steady the big foam boards actually are on flat water, you can start to enjoy the different viewpoint stand up paddling offers. Instead of being level with or close to the water like you would be swimming or canoeing, you’re above the water. The freedom of being able to navigate your standing self through the sea by your own strength is invigorating. You can steer where you please and take some time to explore and enjoy the waters of Tanjong Beach.

The paddling itself is a great workout for your upper body and legs. If paddling properly, you’re bending your knees slightly, holding your arms taunt and straight, and using your torso (aka core) to power your paddling. Hence—a whole body workout that you can control the intensity of depending on how fast and hard you paddle! In the knowledgeable hands of Isabel, I also learnt some exercises to improve balance on the board, plus some race paddling techniques.

So, stand up paddling rocks. What else can you ask for in a great workout than something that is fun and easy AND something you can do with friends or family, with the intensity as easy or tough as you want it?

Calories burned: apprx. 600

Duration: 2 hours

Tips: It’s lovely out on the calm water of Sentosa, but bring your sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses you don’t care if you lose in the water because it gets hot!

Stand Up Paddling School is located on Tanjong Beach, Sentosa at the Singapore Paddle Club sheds. For rates and more information see here.

For booking and contact: [email protected], Tel: 9638 5565

Written by Wanderlush. Want to read more about living a life of bliss? have a wander through her blog here.

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