Red Eye Smokehouse – Low, Slow, and American: Review

Red Eye Smokehouse Review

If you’ve ever resided in the South of the United States for any period of time, you’d probably remember the plethora of traditional diners there dedicated to meat, meat, and only meat. Bringing the ‘low & slow’ American culture of barbecuing and smoking into a casual dining hall, Red Eye Smokehouse seeks to redefine the boundaries of smoked meat and more.

Opened by the same folks behind Bukit Timah’s Riders Cafe, Red Eye Smokehouse is a refreshing entrant in a neighbourhood primarily dominated by cafes. Stepping inside the shophouse unit in Jalan Besar, Red Eye Smokehouse is reminiscent of a mid-century American workers’ dining hall – stark (not in an unpleasant manner), down-to-earth, and unpretentious.

Red Eye Smokehouse
From the interiors to the efficient counter-style service, the place pays homage to the full American barbecue experience. Placing your order is just as straightforward; like ordering meat at a butcher’s, the food here is stocked in full glory at the counter and is mostly charged by weight.

As you’d expect, the US Angus Beef Brisket ($15/100g) is absolutely sublime with the perfect ratio of caramelised crust, fat, and juicy meat, the other cuts are taken just as seriously here. Specials such as Pork Jowl ($9/100g), Smoked Chicken Thigh ($6/piece), Whole Pork Knuckle ($30/piece) and Baby Back Ribs ($19/half slab) are available on weekly rotation alongside other mainstays on the menu like Sriracha Chicken Wings ($8/6 pieces), Beef Short Rib ($38/rib), and US Chopped Pork ($12/100g). With a staggering menu of over 30 different cuts of meat, there are seven to eight cuts of meat available at any given time.

US Angus Beef Brisket

We also loved their selection of excellent Southern-inspired sides ($8 for a generous dollop) such as Burnt End Beans (loaded with caramelised ‘bark’ from the beef brisket), tangy Coleslaw, creamy Mashed Potato, and Candied Yam. Expect everything to be loaded up on a tray with complimentary buns (for soaking up the juices) and homemade pickles. And then there’s the two homemade sauces for the taking: Sweet & Tangy, and Smoky Chipotle Sauce – both delicious, though I personally prefer the former.

While Red Eye Smokehouse currently doesn’t have desserts on offer, feel free to wash down your meal with craft beers, whiskeys and cocktails. In fact, there may or may not be some Moonshine on the shelves as well…

We’re expecting great things from cheery corner diner, so if you’re looking for a no-fuss and hearty night of meat and beer, you’ll absolutely have to try Red Eye Smokehouse. The best thing? It’s all community-based dining here, so there’s no service charge!

Check out their Facebook page here for updates, offers, and promotions.

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