Don’t get in a tangle! Get the perfect tease with Blow + Bar

On the Kate and Wills recent Royal visit to Singapore, much was made (by male commentators, women didn’t question it!) about one particular young lady’s question to the ever-impeccable Kate Middleton. This young hero, Ella Major dared to ask the question we were all thinking but thought it probably impolite to ask a royal (thank goodness for the unrestricted bravado of a 15 year old!) She said, and I quote,

‘I asked her how she kept her hair so perfect in this weather, because it’s so humid. Mine always pouffes up.’

LOVE HER! Apparently Kate was refreshingly honest in her reply, admitting that she too was worried about ‘pouffy’ hair and that she was afraid it would go that way in a few minutes. As the owner of an impeccably glossy mane of hair, usually blowdried perfectly into submission- never a hair out of place- how funny that she would be troubled by the one thing that has many of us pulling our hair out (pun intended) when living in Singapore. Even princesses have bad hair days!

Well ladies, we have a new ally in our war against frizz. Blow + Bar is a new concept opened in Singapore and now we have it, we may wonder how we ever coped without! Besides having all the services that a hair salon offers, Blow + Bar recognises that everyday should be a good hair day, but invariably is not! So the idea is quite simple, you walk in with a mangled, tangled, lion’s mane and leave runway perfect swishing your hair around like a L’Oreal ad. Hurrah!

On arrival, you’re first sat down in a comfy chair along a bar, given a complimentary glass of wine (no joke!) and the stylist goes over the different styles they offer. The basic options are 5 signature looks (natural, wavy, curls, straight and volume), various updos, and if your hair is seriously frizzy, as in “do I look like I stuck my finger in a light socket frizzy?” they have some pretty nifty gadgets to smooth away those wayward tangles. I just asked for a bouncy, soft wave style. She gave me an incredible shampoo, massaged my head and neck, at which point I was incapable of polite conversation and just zoned out into a happy massage place. 30 minutes later after some serious lifting, drying and curling, I am the owner of a Hollywood-ready mass of tumbling curls. My hair looks insanely good and all around me people are telling me its fabulous. I feel fabulous! So much so that I couldn’t stop checking myself out in the shop windows on my walk home. I was blown away (yeh I said it!) at my transformation.

Ms Demeanour, my Blow Bar partner-in-crime went for the Steam Pod option which is a new innovative technique, similar to straighteners but by using steam, it is hugely less drying and damaging to your hair, and the results as we discovered, are quite amazing. Soft, smooth, manageable and not a frizz in sight!

What I really like about this place is that I tend to notice, usually the day of an important event, that my roots need doing, or I could use a trim, and that my nails look terrible. With Blow + Bar, they are offering you one simple, easy solution for time-pressed social butterflies! They do everything. With a full salon menu, including cuts, colour, highlights, perms even (so tempting!) rebonding, keratin treatments, and even Kerastase Hair Rituals. You can get all the necessary bits done (at very reasonable prices) and then have a blowout and manicure, whilst sipping on a Sauvignon Blanc! Blow + Bar is the perfect space for a little pampering, a girl’s night out or just a pre-date/pre-event primping.

I really enjoyed the whole experience. Professional products were used on my hair, the girls were friendly, we had a bit of a giggle and best of all, I came out of it looking great without the hassle of having to do it myself! If you have an important meeting, a big party, a special date, or just know you’ll be bumping into your ex that day and want to look ravishing and untouchable, the Blow + Bar is definitely worth a visit. My advise…don’t get yourself in a tangle…just head down there!

My hairwash, scalp massage & style cost $42, as I have long hair. Short hair starts at $35. For a complete list of services and prices head down to Blow + Bar. Their website will be up and running shortly. In the meantime, you can check out their Facebook here.


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