10 cool and quirky ways to keep fit in Singapore

Perhaps your in-home weights are just not enough anymore, your personal trainer’s voice is starting to grate on you, or you just can’t handle toiling away in the heat for another run through the park—whatever the reason, if you need a work-out makeover, look no further. We’ve been looking out for cool and quirky ways for you to keep fit in Singapore.

1. SURFSET Singapore

Surfer or not, this boutique fitness spot is worth a ‘drop in’. Their HIIT and aerobic classes are all held on mobile surfboards, forcing you to control your balance. The classes include a blend of surfing, yoga, and Pilates moves, which are designed to tone your whole body and prepare you for a day on the breaks. If you’re not a surfer, you can still pick up the hot bod and have a super fun time. Read our full review of SURFSET here.

You can find SURFSET Singapore online here and at 454B Joo Chiat Road, 3rd Storey, Singapore 427667.

2. Tahitian Dance Fitness

This hip shaking, body rolling, hair whipping class can transform any woman into a jungle goddess (sorry guys, this one isn’t for you, but just think of how much you will enjoy watching your lady practice her moves!). Tahitian Dance Fitness offers 3 different types of adult classes: Tahitian Dance, Tahitian Toning, and Tahitian Fitness. All of the classes are great for toning up the core, bum, and legs, and learning how to really shake it. For our full review see here.

Drop in for a dance class at 43 Carpenter Street, 02-01 Greatwood Building, Singapore, 059922 or visit their website here for more information.

3. Antigravity Aerial Yoga at Upside Motion

Imagine your favourite yoga pose…the stretching, the breathing, the light filling your body… and now imagine that you’re floating! This is the feeling that the acrobatic yoga at Upside Motion brings. Their Antigravity Aerial classes utilize stretchy yoga hammocks to give flight to yoga poses and provide a totally different experience than a grounded yoga class. The Corpse pose (savasana) is absolutely divine cocooned in one of these hammocks. For our full review see here.

Upside Motion studios are located at 100 Turf Club Road, 01-02, Singapore, 287992 and 36 Armenian Street, 02-03, Singapore, 179934. Find more information see here.

4. Rock climbing

The people scaling the wall like Spiderman make rock climbing look like a breeze, but believe us when we say that it’s actually a serious workout. You don’t realise it at the time, because it’s actually pretty fun (and because you’re clinging on for dear life) but afterwards, – serious leg and arm burn. Hello muscle tone! Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a brand newbie, Climb Asia caters to all ages and abilities and there are always staff on hand to answer questions. Try your hand at the 9m indoor climbing wall, the boulder cave, or the 15m outdoor climbing wall. If you’re keen to put your new skills to the test, Climb Asia also publish guidebooks on outdoor climbing areas throughout South East Asia.

Drop in and check out the facilities at Climb Asia, 60 Tessensohn Road, Singapore, 179934 or for more information see here.

5. Wake boarding

If you’re willing to let go of your inhibitions, wake boarding can be a fun and energetic way to get your heart pumping. It gives you a full-body strength workout, without any need to set foot in a gym – and is great on those hot Singapore days. Beware though, wake boarding is not for the faint hearted – if you’re a beginner you’re probably going to face-plant in the water… a lot. Ski 360 at East Coast Park is Singapore’s most easily accessible wake boarding facility and offers cable boarding using a pulley system to drag you around the lagoon. The cables take a bit of getting used to, but the staff give you pointers before you get started. When you’re drying off after your session, sit back with a drink and watch some of the regulars get massive air and perform tricks around the track.

Ski 360 is at 1206A East Coast Parkway, Singapore, 449891. For more information see here.

6. Horse riding

Horse riding (the much loved pastime of British royalty and American cowboys!) allows you to get outdoors, interact with animals, improve your balance, and work leg muscles you didn’t even know you had! Bukit Timah Saddle Club has the largest range of equestrian facilities in Singapore. Set in lush green surrounds off Bukit Timah Road it houses dressage and show jumping arenas, training areas and outdoor nature trails. But what makes Bukit Timah Saddle Club really special is that it’s the first equestrian club in Singapore to offer riding lessons to the public, without the need for an expensive yearly club membership. They offer an 8-week beginners course to give you a taste of horse riding, as well as weekly 45-minute lessons for riders who have prior experience. There are 24 horses and ponies in the school yard and the instructors will help you find the perfect horse for your ability and experience.

To find out more about Bukit Timah Saddle Club drop in at 51 Fairways Drive, Singapore, 286985  or see here for more information.

7. Ice skating

When it’s humid and overcast outside, we guarantee there’s nothing better than strapping on some skates and spinning ’round an icy cold arena. Ice skating is great for a cute date idea – plus, there’s something oddly satisfying about getting to wear scarves and gloves in Singapore! Kallang Ice World near Mountbatten has a decent sized rink with excellent ice quality (read: no chips or grooves in the ice that can make you trip!). The skating itself is light exercise made fun and helps to improve your balance and flexibility. If you fancy yourself the next Blades of Glory star, Kallang Ice World also offer comprehensive ice skating lessons for adults and kids – from beginner ‘learn to skate’ workshops to advanced technique classes.

Drop by for a skate at Kallang Ice World, 5 Stadium Walk, Singapore, 397693 or find more information here.

8. Stand up paddle board yoga

We’ve tried and loved stand up paddle boarding at Tanjong Beach on Sentosa (see our review here), but this time we went for the challenge—yoga on a SUP board. Obviously, the water element forces you to engage your core and find your perfect balance, as any discrepancy will end up pitching you into the sea. Chose a less stable board if you’re an advanced practiser and want to push your limits! If you think Warrior 1 and 2 are easy, try doing them on a tippy SUP board and discover just how balanced (or unbalanced) your poses really are. As for headstand, we will commend you if you’re able to get up into it, let alone hold it, but at least you don’t have to fear falling, as the water is there to catch you. Of course, Corpse pose is a treat, laying quietly with your hands dangling lightly in the water as the board rocks back and forth in slight waves. Perfection!

Classes are hosted by the  Stand Up Paddling School and are offered once a month or on demand upon request.. There are only seven spots for each class, so make your reservation early! Visit their website at here or email  [email protected] for enquiries.

9. Jumping at Amped trampoline parks


Who doesn’t remember the thrill of jumping on a trampoline as a child?! We all loved it, but at Amped, the new indoor trampoline centres in Singapore, jumping isn’t just for the kiddies—us grownups can join in on the jumping madness too. Jumping on a trampoline is great cardiovascular workout for anyone—benefits include increasing the density of bones, reducing the risk of arthritis and improving motor skills and bilateral functions of the brain. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it will be easy-peasy—rebounding can burn just as many calories as running. We broke a sweat within a few minutes! Check out the classes given by former national gymnast Alan Zhang offers which include adult group jumping classes, aerobics and private flip classes for some serious trampoline action.

AMPED trampoline parks are located in East at 369 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437126, (Level 2) and in the West at Yo:ha, 200 Jurong East Avenue 1, Singapore 609789 (Level 2). For more information and to sign up for jumping, find them online here.

10. Dragon boating

We saved this one for last because we hear there’s a party after practice! Dragon boats are traditional Chinese longboats that hold up to 20 paddlers plus a drummer and a cox who controls the direction of the boat. The hundreds of clubs who regularly practice and compete here are mostly associated with schools or corporations. Lucky for us, there are 10 (expat) teams that anyone can join, no matter their country affiliation, and you definitely don’t have to be an experienced paddler. Teams provide all equipment and conduct weekly practices at the Kallang basin. Paddling is a great aerobic workout for the upper body, and the teams often have bonus conditioning practice in addition to paddle practice.

Teams have different fees and drop in charges which usually includes lots of beer and laughs afterwards! This makes dragon boating our most social quirky-fit pick. Some of the teams also travel for races abroad, so here is your chance to finally realise that dream of being an internationally recognised athlete!

To find different teams, Google ‘Singapore dragon boating’ and check out the different websites or email Singapore Dragon Boat Association at [email protected].  Hint: The Canadian Dragons are currently looking for new members! Check out their website here.

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