8 (Anti) Valentine’s Day Parties for Singles

Whether you believe in Valentine’s Day or not, come 14 February, you’ll definitely see lovey dovey couples and couples to be on the streets of Singapore with flowers, balloons, and whatever else. And whether you’re looking for someone special to be in your life or just want a crazy night out with your BFFs, here’s our list of Valentine’s Day shindigs for singletons for your consideration.

Valentine Vendetta

Valentines Vendetta at f.Club

Dubbed the #1 Singles Party in Singapore and for good reason too. Since f.Club is playing host this year, expect to party the night away amidst sensual red walls, loads of velvet, and gorgeous crystal chandeliers. Games like proposals and best kiss are as good as a green light for you to get things on. So bring your courage (or drink enough of it in liquid form) to take part, ’cause there are prizes worth up to $10,000 to be won.

Entry: $25 for ladies and $35 for men online presale, including 1 drink and games, $35 and $45 respectively at the door.

Where: 6pm-12am at f.Club Singapore

Hearts Go Loco

Hearts Go Loco at Lucha Loco, Lucha Loco party

Have the fiesta of a lifetime at Lucha Loco’s Anti-Valentine’s Day bash. Still angry at being dumped? Bring a picture of your ex and stick it to a Piñata for some ‘aggression-release therapy’. If you’re already on Tinder, you’ll receive free shots when you match and meet up with someone at Lucha Loco on top of free tequila shots at the kissing booth!

Entry: free, but priority entrance will be given to those who register here

Where: 10pm till late at Lucha Loco

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached at Attica

Attica has taken the initiative for you single people with their lock and key game. The first single 100 ladies and men entering the club will be handed random lock and key that can only be fitted into one of each respectively, and the first three pairs of people to unlock each other will receive a complimentary bottle of Moët to share. Single ladies that arrive in a group of four or more will also receive a tray of special Valentine’s Day shots.

Entry: standard cover charge

Where: 10.30pm till late at Attica

Let’s Get Wild!

This one’s for everyone against the commercialism of Valentine’s Day – ie. perfect for a guys or girls night out. On top of free flow shots (choose from 4 specially concocted creations) – if this doesn’t get you there, we don’t know what else will – there’ll be funky tunes, games, and $2, 500 worth of prizes up for grabs.

Entry: $20 (cash at the door)

Where: 8pm – 12am at Club Street Social

Meet Your Future Ex

Meet Your Future Ex at Bang Bang

These guys aren’t promising a wedding, kids, and a white picket fence, but you might meet your future ex at Bang Bang this Valentine’s Day. Ladies, get your little red dress out of the closet ’cause you get complimentary entry and a glass bubbly if you head down before midnight.

Entry: $35 includes one drink

Where: 10pm till late at Bang Bang

Valentine’s Day Street Party

Who needs a club when you’ve got the street? The colourful lanes of the Arab Quarter will be transformed into a happening dance floor, perfect for singles to let loose and go crazy. If you love 90’s Hip Hop, R&B and Gangsta Rap, this is the place for you to be at. Plus, they’ve got loads of drink promos going on till 12 midnight like tequila shots at $7 nett and Gosset champagne at $100 nett per bottle.

Entry: free

Where: 7pm-3am at Piedra Negra

The Gathering

The Gathering at Fort Canning Green, Charlie Lim
Charlie Lim

This is one big party where the focus is definitely on the music. Look out for Indie darlings Belle and Sebastian who will be headlining The Gathering’s first ever multi-artist line-up! Also catch psychedelic rock band Temples and other local acts like the incredibly soulful Charlie Lim and indie pop-rock outfit Pleasantry.

Entry: $118 online, $150 at the door

Where: 12pm-11.30pm at Fort Canning Green

Traffic Light Party

If you’ve never been to a traffic light party in your life, make it a point to experience it at Empire. Those who come dressed in green to signify that they’re single and ready to mingle will enjoy $7 house pours. It’s complicated? Your garb of choice should be yellow and you’ll get drinks at $8. If you’re taken, please come in red (don’t send mixed signals, thanks!) and house pours are at $9. That said, all ladies receive a complimentary glass of bubbly upon entry between 10pm-12am.

Entry: $25 includes one drink

Where: 10am-3pm at Empire

Top Image: Club Street Social

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