Au Chocolat – chocoholics go forth and conquer!

Imagine a world of chocolate heaven, where chocolate is somehow incorporated into everything on the menu, where chocolate beckons you from every corner, from luxurious handmade chocolates to decadent cakes; a place where you literally feel like a kid in a candy (or chocolate) store. And there you have Au Chocolat – what has to be the ultimate chocolate experience in Singapore right about now.

Located at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Au Chocolat oozes with nostalgia, and while French inspired, I was surprised to learn that in fact it’s a Singapore owned outfit. Simply walking into Au Chocolat recreates your wildest chocoholic fantasies…..and that’s certainly something that’s reaffirmed when leafing through the menu. It reads a bit like a ‘tell us your wish and it shall be our command’ scenario. I almost began looking over my shoulder for a genie.

If you’re wanting to dive in with an instant chocolate fix, the chocolate drinks are without doubt a good place to start. Check out the Frozen Hot Chocolate ($10), more a dessert than a drink. It takes a perfectly rich and creamy hot chocolate fudge and transforms it into the ultimate cool-down drink served over ice. Finished off with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, if your chocolate urge was sated with just this alone you would be forgiven!

There’s not many places to get a decent crepe in Singapore, and I have to hand it to Au Chocolat, their crepes are just delicious. No piddly little crepes here – expect large sized and packed full of satisfying fillings like Creamy Chicken & Mushroom and Smoked Salmon for those who fancy something savoury or Nuts with Salted Caramel or Nutty Chocolate Banana for those who are on a sweet mission (prices range from $16 – 20).

I wasn’t particularly blown away by the Modern Nicoise salad ($20) we tried, although it was nice to see how a chocolate infused dressing was used to compliment it. The same went for the

Duck Confit ($27) because while the tangy chocolate orange sauce definitely gave it a nice twist, the duck was still a little too dry for my liking. Oh well, you can’t be everything to everyone now can you?

But then things picked up again with the burger. OH MY GOODNESS. The burger. The last place I expected to find myself in burger heaven was Au Chocolat. But there I was, lapping it right up to my glee. The Au Chocolat Signature Burger ($25) – now this is one hell of a burger. A HUGE and very juicy 100% beef patty bursting full of natural flavour is what makes this such a hit. Packed with cheddar cheese, sundried tomatoes, olive jam, a big old portabello mushroom and bacon, the only thing that will be troubling you is how to fit it all in your mouth!

If you happen to be a group (because trust me the portion is too large for one, or even two people to handle though – the picture is very deceiving!), get involved with the Sweet Potato Fries ($12). Served up in a page from the Au Chocolat daily, it’s the sheer portion size, presentation and chocolate infused BBQ sauce which make these a treat.

Now, you may be wondering how chocolate works its way into some of the above dishes – some are obvious…others less so. Of course while it might be some of our dreams to have chocolate leaping out of our plate with every dish, some dishes take a more subtle approach with slight hints of chocolate here or there…and part of the fun is guessing how!

Moving on, if you’re coming here for a spot of brunch, give the Stuffed French Toast ($18) a whirl. While we effectively had it for desert, this would definitely be a fine and indulgent start to the day – picture two slices of brioche bread filled with plump berries and mascarpone cheese coated – yes coated – with cornflakes to give it a super crunch.

Now for the final piece de resistance. The mighty, the awesome, the very splendid Au Chocolat Tower Cake ($18). Now the name might be a bit of a giveway here but this is one ridiculously huge slice of divine tasting chocolate cake. Six layers of moist chocolate cake filled with milk chocolate Chantilly cream, crunchy chocolate pearls, all wrapped up in a dark chocolate ganache…this has to be the ultimate chocolate sin! And that’s even before we get onto the fudge sauce and vanilla gelato. Just sublime and probably one of the best cakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of filling my face with in Singapore.

Once you’re so full of all sorts of naughties, you think you couldn’t possibly take any more, well, then that’s the time to head next door and wander around the shop, let your eyes pop out of their stalks as they take in the visual feast..

watch the chocolatiers busying away making all sorts of wonderful creations..

and then perhaps take away some items for some home indulgence.

Could Au Chocolat be the ultimate destination for chocoholics in Singapore? We say time for all chocoholics to go forth and conquer!

Meal compliments of Au Chocolat.

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