Review: Two Men Bagel House to the Rescue!

Listen up, Nomads! Something very exciting has recently opened up in Tanjong Pagar. if you have ever had the pleasure of visiting (or are from) New York, Montreal or London, you are about to jump for joy. Presenting Two Men Bagel House. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, a café that specialised in BAGELS!!! And not to give too much praise but these are easily the best bagels in Singapore (though granted, there isn’t exactly much competition).

Being a total Bagel-head Londoner that used to live in New York, I was pretty darn excited. Even more so when I saw the first item on their giant chalkboard menu, LOX – a bagel stuffed with salmon, cream cheese, red onion, pickled beets, dill and capers…all for $11.90.

Two Men Bagel House Singapore LOX

Aside from having a perfect selection of ingredients to fill my dough-y circle of happiness, I was pleased to notice that that both the salmon and cream cheese were very generously slapped on. The cream cheese even managed to ooze out of into the central bagel hole. Just how I like it.

Taste-wise, undoubtably the best bagel I’ve eaten in this part of the world. Great flavours all around and the pickled beet was a great touch.

Unfortunately I can’t speak with as much enthusiasm for the Rodeo ($12.90) or Tuna ($8.90) bagel stuffs.

Two Men Bagel House Singapore Rodeo

They are still pretty new so the chefs are probably working on the kinks but the roast beef was cut far too thick and quite overcooked to boot. Shame really. As for the tuna, the filling was surprisingly little compared to the generous salmon bagel I’d eaten before.

Two Men Bagel House Singapore Tuna

Despite these minor teething problems, Two Men Bagel House is a great stop and something that Singapore has for too long been without. I for one am glad they’re here and will be taking quick advantage of their excellent coffee (from Oriole) and bagels very soon again.

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