Where to Drink in Bangkok: See The Bar Awards Bangkok 2017 Results!

Following three editions in Singapore and last year’s successful run in Hong Kong, The Bar Awards has finally ventured to Bangkok, Thailand’s vibrant capital city. Celebrating achievement and excellence within local bar communities, the annual event is all about the best watering holes, the people behind them, and quality drinks. That, and getting just a little drunk.

After a two-week-long public nomination process in March, a curated 40-strong panel of assessors – consisting of everyone from bar owners and bartenders to chefs, sommeliers, brand representatives, writers, and even members of the public – made the final call in two rounds of voting. We present to you the most exceptional bars and bartenders in Bangkok city, according to The Bar Awards Bangkok 2017, with the top 10 ranked in order:

the-panel the bar awards bangkok 2017
Members of the Bangkok Panel

The Rising Star, presented by Perrier

Winner: Pinsuda “Ann” Pongprom – The Bamboo Barann-pinsuda

New blood, with all their passion and new ideas, are a fundamental part of the F&B industry. The Rising Star award aims to encourage more young people to join the industry by recognising the most promising young bartenders aged 28 years and below. Pinsuda “Ann” Pongprom has got incredible skills in both flair and classic bartending, coming in top three in Thailand’s National Flair Competition last year and also top four in the DIAGEO Reserve World Class Thailand.

Other nominees who made the Top 10 list:

2. “Depp” Noppasate Hirunwathit – Rabbit Hole

3. “Kira” Kirataya Yomie – Rabbit Hole

4. Jamie Rhind – The Bamboo Bar

5. Michele Montauti – Miky’s Cocktail Bar By Opus

6. Saimai Nantarat – Bunker

7. “Joey” Krit Parkobdee – formerly of Bronx Liquid Parlour

8. “Kenny” Dedsakda Thianthong – Vesper Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

9. “Pae” Nont Ketumarn – formerly of Morimoto

10. “Wut” Nattawut Jeerasatienkul – Il Fumo Charcoal & Cocktail

Best Restaurant Bar, presented by Restaurant Pub & Bar Asia

Winner: Vesper Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

When a bar has an equally fantastic beverage and restaurant programme, you know you’ve got yourself a keeper. Vesper’s Supawit Muttarattana brings together recipes from Europe’s bygone era with elements of spirit-forward drinks, effortlessly complemented by an all-encompassing Italian gastronomic experience by Head Chef Francesco Deiana.

Other nominees that made the Top 10 list:

2. Eat Me

3. Bunker

4. Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar

5. Sorrento

6. Zuma

7. Vogue Lounge

8. Fillets

9. Il Fumo Charcoal & Cocktail

10. 1881 by Water Library

Best Beer Bar, presented by Peroni

Winner: Mikkeller Bangkokmikkeler-bangkok - the bar awards bangkok 2017

This one’s for the hopheads. Mikkeller Bangkok has one of Asia’s best selection of craft beers (many of them exclusive to the bar) across 30 rotating taps and an impressive bottle shop – curated by immensely knowledgeable tap masters and beer experts.

Other nominees that made the Top 10 list:

2. Brewski Craft Beer Bar (Radisson Blu)

3. Hair of The Dog

4. Taproom Experience Craft Beer

5. HOBS House of Beers

6. Beer Belly

7. Wishbeer Home Bar

8. Brew Beers & Ciders

9. Bunker

10. The Beer Bridge

Best Bar & Beverage Publication, presented by East Imperial

Winner: DRiNK Magazine

It’s safe to say that Bangkok’s bar scene wouldn’t be able to advance so much without the best in bar and beverage writing and coverage. This time round, DRiNK Magazine takes Best Bar & Beverage Publication.

Other nominees that made the Top 10 list:

2. BK Magazine

3. Time Out Bangkok

4. Vasachol Quandri (Freelance writer)

5. Drinks BKK

6. Guru Magazine by Bangkok Post

7. Drinks World

8. Mother Drunker

9. Siam2Nite

10. Gourmet & Cuisine

Best Bar Food, presented by Siam Food Services

Winner: BunkerBunker - the bar awards bangkok 2017

Unless you have a liver made of steel, purely subsisting on drinks throughout the night is a no-no, which brings us to places with the Best Bar Food. Bunker is the ultimate winner with things like oysters, spicy pork rinds, Thai curry popcorn, confit duck croquettes, short rib grinders, and chicken liver toast.

Other nominees that made the Top 10 list:

2. The Bamboo Bar (Mandarin Oriental)

3. Smalls

4. Vesper Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

5. Junker and Bar

6. Vogue Lounge

7. Rarb By Escapade

8. Tep Bar

9. Miky’s Cocktail Bar By Opus

10. Bronx Liquid Parlor

Best Hospitality Team, presented by Pierre Ferrand Cognac

Winner: Q&A BarQ&A - the bar awards bangkok 2017

Aiming to boost the hospitality standards of Bangkok’s bars, the Best Hospitality Team award goes to Q&A Bar with its excellent service, warm hospitality, and respect for customers. Perfect for quality conversations.

Other nominees that made the Top 10 list:

2. Backstage Cocktail Bar

3. Rabbit Hole

4. The Bamboo Bar (Mandarin Oriental)

5. Teens of Thailand

6. Vogue Lounge

7. Vesper Restaurant & Cocktail

8. Hyde & Seek

9. Miky’s Cocktail Bar By Opus

10. Smalls

Best Hotel Bar, presented by Chope

Winner: The Bamboo Bar, Mandarin Orientalbamboo-bar - the bar awards bangkok 2017

In a city full of top notch hotels and properties, earning the title of Best Hotel Bar is no easy feat, which makes The Bamboo Bar all the more impressive with its seductive elegance, heritage, and award-winning mixology team blending classic drinks with original recipes.

Other nominees that made the Top 10 list:

2. House on Sathorn (W Hotel)

3.  The St Regis Bar (St Regis Hotel)

4. The Speakeasy (Hotel Muse)

5. Char (Hotel Indigo)

6. Vertigo & Moon Bar (Banyan Tree)

7. Scarlett (Pullman Hotel)

8. Aqua Bar (Anantara Hotel Siam)

9. Sirroco (Lebua Hotel)

10. Woo Bar (W Hotel)

Most Creative Cocktail Bar, presented by Cointreau

Winner: Bronx Liquid Parlour
bronx-liquid-parlour-drink - the bar awards bangkok 2017

Nothing is quite so attractive as a bar that constantly pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation in their drinks programme. Previously responsible for designing cocktail menus for London’s Electric House and Purl Bar, Bronx’s Hideyuki Saito (Barcadi Legacy Thailand 2017) creates some amazing cocktail experiences that you’ve never tasted.

Other nominees that made the Top 10 list:

2. Q&A Bar

3. Backstage Cocktail Bar

4. Rabbit Hole

5. Sugar Ray You’ve Just Been Poisoned

6. Vesper Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

7. Eat Me

8. Teens of Thailand

9. The Bamboo Bar (Mandarin Oriental)

10. Miky’s Cocktail Bar By Opus

Best New Cocktail Bar, presented by Campari

Winner: Backstage Cocktail Bar
backstage-bar - the bar awards bangkok 2017

Opening a new establishment is tonnes of hard work (not to mention blood, sweat, and tears), which is what the Best New Cocktail Bar award wants to acknowledge. Thonglor’s Backstage Cocktail Bar is barely a year old, and has already won accolades from the local drinking community. Good vibes, groovy music, awesome staff, and world-class cocktails.

Other nominees that made the Top 10 list:

2. Bunker

3. Bronx Liquid Parlour

4. Miky’s Cocktail Bar By Opus

5. Ku Bar

6. Wild & Co

7. Freebird

8. Sri Trat Restaurant & Bar

9. Charm Eatery and Bar

10. Evil Man Blues

The Ada Coleman Award, presented by Grandma Jinn

Winner: Suwincha “Chacha” Singsuwan – Rabbit HoleSuwicha-Singsuwan - the bar awards bangkok 2017

Women are still considered a rare species in the international bartending industry, which is where the Ada Coleman Award (named after history’s most famous female bartender) comes in by encouraging more females to join the community. Taking the award in Bangkok is Rabbit Hole’s talented lady mixologist Suwincha “Chacha” Singsuwan. And that’s not her only award either.

Other nominees who made the Top 10 list:

2. “Milk” Pailin Sajjanit – Zuma

3. “Im” Vasachol Quandri (Freelance writer)

4. “Fah Beer” Suchada Sopjaree – formerly of The Owl Society

5. “Debby” Huei-Yun Tang – Foodie Collection

6. “Ann” Pinsuda Pongprom – The Bamboo Bar (Mandarin Oriental)

7. “Kira” Kirataya Yomie – Rabbit Hole

8. Saimai Nantarat – Bunker

9. “Bell” Paradee Sahathanasomboon Sri Trat Restaurant & Bar

10. “Oil” Wareenwan Yodkamol – Freebird

Bartender of the Year, presented by Diageo World Class

Winner: Suwincha “Chacha” Singsuwan – Rabbit Hole

The first woman to win Bartender of the Year in any city, this award is testament to Chacha’s world-class mixology skills that have impressed cocktail drinkers all over the world.

Other nominees who made the Top 10 list:

2. “Milk” Pailin Sajjanit – Zuma

3. Niks Anuman-Rajadhon – Teens of Thailand

4. “Gov” Kitibordee Chartutim – Backstage Cocktail Bar

5. Hideyuki Saito – Bronx Liquid Parlour

6. “Mr. B” Attaporn De Silva – Q&A Bar

7. Jamie Rhind – The Bamboo Bar (Mandarin Oriental)

8. “Neung” Ronnaporn Kanivichaporn – Backstage Cocktail Bar

9. “Palm” Supawit Muttarattana – Vesper Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

10. Michele Montauti – Miky’s Cocktail Bar By Opus

Best Cocktail Bar, presented by Stolichnaya Vodka

Winner: Teens of Thailand
teens-of-thailand - the bar awards bangkok 2017

Which establishment in Bangkok provides the ultimate bar experience? As it turns out, the highest number of votes go to the gin-focused Teens of Thailand – recently placed 27th among Asia’s 50 Best Bars. The little jewel located just off Khao San Road boasts a wide selection of quality gins, and has a fascinating menu of original gin-based cocktails like the Thai Tea.

Other nominees that made the Top 10 list:

2. Q&A Bar

3. Backstage Cocktail Bar

4. Rabbit Hole

5. The Bamboo Bar (Mandarin Oriental)

6. Bunker

7. Vesper Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

8. Bronx Liquid Parlour

9. Vogue Lounge

10. Sugar Ray You’ve Just Been Poisoned

Find out more about The Bar Awards 2017 here.

Top Image: Teens of Thailand.

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