Best Clubs in Singapore: Nightlife and Live Music Venues for EDM, House Music, Techno, and Hip Hop

It’s 11pm and the gang is over at your place. The home speaker is blaring, everyone’s a couple drinks in and the night-out prep is complete – but now comes the familiar dilemma: where’s the party at? Forget your usual fallbacks and check out the clubs we’ve got listed below- whether you’re a hip-hop junkie, more of a house fan, or anything in between, there’s a great night out for everyone.

If you’re into House/ Techno:

Kilo Lounge

Image Credits: Kilo Lounge

Start your night with a bit of mystery at this Tanjong Pagar club, which hides behind a dimly lit, nondescript back alley entrance. Pass the doormen and you’ll step into a winding, foliage-lined corridor, which opens up into a cavernous space playing intoxicating house and trance music. The working professionals crowd isn’t afraid to let loose and party hard, and the flashing lights of the dance floor certainly help set the mood for a good groove. If you’re in need of a rest, head for the comfy leather sofas in the back corner, or hit up the industrial-chic bar for its impressive variety of spirits, cocktails, and food. We recommend the 7-day home-infused Kilo Sangria, or the unexpectedly spicy Tequila based Orale Wey.

Tell the cabbie: Kilo Lounge, 21 Tanjong Pagar Road, #01-02/04, Singapore 088444 (enter via the back alley).

Gather your friends: Tues – Wed 5.30pm – 12.30pm, Thurs – Fri 5.30pm till late, Saturdays 7pm till late.

Headquarters by The Council

Image Credits: Headquarters by the Council

A hole-in-the-wall outlet on the second floor of Boat Quay, Headquarters by The Council (or HQ), is a up and coming club favoured by those in the know. Lit mainly in red and featuring a caged up DJ booth, the spirit of the club lies in the music that ranges from house to techno. The quality music, strong drinks, and community of the club combine to create a truly transformative atmosphere that isn’t easily replicated in other nightspots. While the decor is sparse and minimal, you won’t be bored here, especially with the novel Pacman and Donkey Kong arcade games to keep you busy while waiting in line at the bar or for the toilet.

Tell the cabbie: Headquarters by the Council, Level 2, 66 Boat Quay, Singapore 049854.

Gather your friends: Wed – Sat, 10pm till late.


If you’re into Open Format:


Image Credits: Ce La Vi

Add some eye candy to your night out with the stunning views of the Singapore River and the CBD at CÉ LA VI, perched conveniently atop the world-famous Marina Bay Sands – the club is a perfect visual tour of the country for tourists and locals alike. The music is here is a mix of house, latin house, funk, and soul but they focus on different beats on different days. Wednesday see open format and dance hits, old school hip hop and R&B reign on Thursdays, while progressive house, R&B and open format take over on Friday and Saturday. For drinks and a rest from the high-energy beats, head to the adjourning al fresco Skybar, which boasts an alternative view of the ultra-modern Gardens by the Bay and a respectable cocktail list.

Tell the cabbie: CÉ LA VI, Marina Bay Sands, Tower 3, 1 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018971.

Gather your friends: Mon – Tues 12pm – 2am, Wednesdays 12pm till late, Thursdays 12pm – 3am, Fri – Sat 12pm till late, Sundays 11am – 2am.


Image Credits: Zouk Singapore

A stalwart in the Singapore clubbing scene, Zouk recently underwent a facelift with its move from the beloved Jiak Kim St to a more commercialised Clarke Quay location. Boasting a huge dance floor lit by state of the art lighting and warm floodlights, the popular club is a default choice for a local favourite. You’ll find EDM in the main zouk section of the club, while the smaller Phuture venue sees hip-hop, pop, and kpop and a younger crowd. It’s never hard to get a tipple in the megaclub either, with tables ringing the dance floors and a healthy number of fully serviced bars throughout the entire venue. Old patrons of Zouk will also get a kick out of spotting design references to the original Jiak Kim outlet, like the graffitied corridor leading to Phuture and the smooth curves of the DJ consoles.

Tell the cabbie: Zouk, 3C River Valley Road, The Cannery, Singapore 179022.

Gather your friends: Wednesdays and Fridays 9pm – 3am, Thursdays 9pm – 2am, Saturdays 9am – 4am.

If you’re into Hip Hop/ RnB:


The folks that fall in love in this particular unit on Mount Elizabeth have a penchant for fruits. Although Cherry Discotheque came and went rather quickly, the same team now has LGBT club Peaches in its place with similar retro vibes. The haze of reds, pinks, and greens emanating from the neon fixtures (including neon-lit signs of drag queen Rupaul’s quotes) is ever present, but a glance at other patrons snapping away at the social-media worthy decor is enough to break you out of your reverie. The dance floor sees a younger crowd, all grooving to a mix of current rap and hip hop interspersed with classic RnB tracks on Wednesdays while other nights feature Top 40s pop, electronic music, and even live bands.

Tell the cabbie: Peaches21 Mount Elizabeth B1-01, Singapore 228516.

Gather your friends: Wed, Fri & Sat 10pm -3am, Thu 6pm-11pm.



Image Credits: Canvas Club

While a little on the small side, Canvas makes up for the lack of wriggle room with a booming sound system that sees speakers stacked up right on the narrow dance floor. Perfect for the thumping hip-hop they play, the bass hits you hard as various local and regional DJs take turns to man the decks. The single-bar setup creates a bit of a jam when it comes to getting drinks, but the main draw of the night exists on the dance floor, with an all-out crowd that isn’t afraid to bust a move. Trance music also has its moment here, with guest DJs such as Ben Nicky taking over the aux cord on event nights. Minimalist and clean in its design, Canvas is a great alternative to the usual mega clubs in the nearby Clarke Quay.

Tell the cabbie: Canvas Club, 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-01 The Riverwalk, 058416.

Gather your friends: Tues – Sat (comedy shows by Kumar on Tuesdays), 8pm till late.

Cover image: Peaches

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