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We’ve always been about sharing the good stuff with you guys; be it food and drinks, art and culture, or music and entertainment. So we decided to bring back City Nomads Radio, featuring monthly mixtapes curated by Singapore-based DJs, a community that deserves a whole lot more love from us.

For our first instalment, we got hold of homegirl (or should we say, home cat?) DJ CATS ON CRACK (aka Eileen Chan) to talk to us about music, life as a DJ, and her upcoming parties.


Since graduating from the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp, CATS ON CRACK has been spreading her gospel of good vibes with reputable brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, BLUEPRINT, Super 0 Season, PARA//EL, After Dark and Tanjong Beach Club‘s epic beach parties. She’s also done warm-up sets for international DJs such as Todd Edwards, Terrence Parker, and Cassy Britton. Since her debut at ZoukOut 2012, there’s no stopping this young kitten, who’s definitely on a fast track to becoming a full-fledged feline.

We’re curious, how did you come to style yourself as CATS ON CRACK?
I like cats and the only thing I like more than cats are weird cat gifs that make you go WTF. The night I was supposed to email FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp my DJ moniker, I was procrastinating and looking at some really trippy gifs of cats…cats that look like they just might be on crack.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
Over the years, there are a few artists that I’m often inspired by. Some of them include Dixon, Matthew Dear, Andhim, Adriatique, Bella Saris, tINI, and Catz ‘N Dogz. I want to make babies with all of them.


What did it feel like when you got to play at ZoukOut 2012?
Completely nerve-wrecking! I still get stupid butterflies in my stomach before a gig, so you can imagine how nervous I must have been then. Somehow I managed to keep my sh*t together and loved every second of it.

You’ve been playing for quite a number of cool gigs in Singapore, which one’s your favourite?
BANDWAGON FESTIVAL BUS! This is a long overdue shoutout to them for coming up with such an incredible experience. Life is not the same after spending over 16 hours on a party bus, and going through immigration customs with neon paint all over. Also, to DJ on a moving vehicle is something I now have on my resume. Crazy good times!

What future goals have you set yourself as a DJ?
Goals. DJ goals. Mmmmm, I hope to someday DJ to a crowd who never wants to go home.


Thanks for the curated mixtape, any inspiration and story behind this that you would love to share with us?
It’s a musical expression born from complicated situations and matters of the heart. I was trying to capture that feeling of shuttling between acute loneliness and ecstatic belongingness, and the way we fall in and out of love in just one night.

Will you be playing at any upcoming parties?
I’ll be at Kilo Lounge with Mr. Has at After Dark on Saturday, 27 June 2015, and Modern Love with Adrian Wee at kyō on 31 July 2015.

And while you anticipate CATS ON CRACKS’ upcoming gigs, check out her specially curated mixtape, Take Me Home! See her Facebook Page here.

Sharmaine Khoo

Head of Marketing & Business Development

The Head of Marketing & Business Development at City Nomads. Sharmaine has a discerning ear for the latest tunes, an appreciation for the visual arts, a serious case of wanderlust and an insatiable thirst for Gin Soda. Say hi if you see her at the music gigs & parties around town!

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