Hype Up Your Wardrobe With These Malaysian Streetwear Labels

Streetwear first gained prominence in the 90s, growing from surf and skate culture to encompassing elements of hip hop, punk, and sportswear. You’ve probably heard stories of enthusiasts are even willing to queue overnight just to cop the latest limited edition release, either for their own collection or to resell. Of course, you don’t have to be a hypebeast to look good in streetwear. Here are eight independent labels from our neighbours up north in Malaysia that’ll boost not just your looks, but your street cred too.

Pestle & Mortar Clothing

Established in 2010 and named after the equipment found in almost every Asian household, Pestle & Mortar’s designs pay homage to the little details and things that we all find familiar while growing up in Southeast Asia. Much like the blend of ingredients into a flavourful, aromatic paste through the use of a pestle and mortar, their clothing and accessory line signifies the fusion of the team’s experiences and identities into beautiful products. The brand has gained notability through its collaboration with the likes of KFC and Ultraman.

Check out Pestle & Mortar Clothing’s range of clothing and accessories here.


VTMT is a label founded in 2013, specialising in casual, sporty-looking clothing that is synonymous with street dance culture. Their retro collection pays homage to the athletic and aesthetic vibe that defines the 80s and 90s. From joggers to hoodies, you’ll be definitely find something that’s not just comfortable, but functional as well. Hey, you’ll never know when you’re caught in a dance battle and you need to bust some moves.

Check out VTMT’s collection here.

Stoned & Co

Stoned & Co was founded by three graphic designers looking to portray and project bold messages through minimal design. Designed to be loud and unabashed yet minimalistic, the brand absorbs its distinctive designs through inspirations of the various art, culture, and habits that make up a multicultural and multilingual Malaysia. Bright, neon colours accentuate the dark tones of their clothing collection, creating a beautiful contrast that’s bold but not gaudy. For the more discerning parent, Stoned & Co features a section dedicated to little tykes, so they can climb aboard the hype train early.

Check out Stoned & Co’s collection here.


What do you get when you combine three distinct individuals with backgrounds in retail, marketing, and graffiti/illustration? You get AGAINST LAB, a brand formed because of a mutual appreciation for streetwear and design. As a multidisciplinary creative entity, AGAINST LAB has delved beyond clothing and accessories, into art, music, and photography. Unconventional themes guide the principles behind their works, challenging the perspective of streetwear and culture. Their collection is a collage of floral prints, tie dyes, and classical art pieces set against a background of comfortable T-shirts, pullovers, and so much more.

Check out AGAINST LAB’s collection and visual journal here.

Kiz Urban

For all you cardsharks out there, Kiz Urban is a label that borrows heavily from poker. Building on the idea of how an individual’s poker hand is played reflects their identity in life, the clothing line bears the iconic typography and designs found in a deck of playing cards. It reflects how metaphorically, everyone is dealt a different hand in life just like poker, and it’s how we make the most out of it that defines our identities, successes, and way of life.

Check out Kiz Urban’s range of poker-inspired streetwear here


A contemporary streetwear brand that seeks to inject a little “extra” elements into an “ordinary” lifestyle through its selection of daily clothing, EXTRAORDINARY believes that the simple things are also the most extraordinary, and all it takes is a good eye to see them. Think simple style silhouettes paired with small, eye-catching graphics and you’ll pretty much get the gist of EXTRAORDINARY’s design philosophy.

Check out EXTRAORDINARY’s gear here.


This label creates outfits that range from minimalist attire to streetwear inspired gear for the masses. Instead of focusing on loud graphics, FUTUREMADE STUDIO’s collection is geared towards functionality, from utility vests lined with compartments to cargo pants and jumpsuits featuring multiple pockets to hold everything you need. FUTUREMADE STUDIO puts its own creative spin on timeless pieces with contemporary elements and fabrics that are made to last.

Check out FUTUREMADE STUDIO’s collection here.


Established in 2016, OBSCR (an abbreviation of the word “Obscure”) is a fashion label that focuses on the seamless blend of anatomy and movement in garments. Through the use of muted colours and patterns for most of their athleisure clothing, the label takes techwear to the next level, incorporating streetwear designs into functional pieces that are perfect for both the gym and out on the streets.

Check out OBSCR’s range of functional pieces here.

Top Image: Pestle & Mortar Clothing

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