Inside The Machine

A group exhibition that features [Parinot Kunakornwong](’s edited loop footage from Thai soap operas inside a washing machine, and Etienne Luque’s experimental images created with broken machines. Curated by Julie Camdessus.

Etienne Luque is a young artist who grew up in Marly-le-Roi, a forestal city between Paris and Versailles. Parinot Kunakornwong (Thai) studied at Parsons, New York and Goldsmiths, London where he picked up an MFA in Computational Studio Arts. For this exhibition, Parinot’s work–a washing machine with a video inside of edited loop footages from Thai soap operas–explores Bangkok’s mass media as a mirror of its cultural background. Etienne will present his latest artworks derived from photography, created with broken machines as both an aesthetic experiment and accident. ‘INSIDE THE MACHINE’ explores the evolving relationship between humans and machines, putting Immanuel Kant’s metaphysics of time perception to the test.

The event opens on Jul 3 at 7pm, and will run until 26 July at the Soy Sauce Factory.

Admission is free.

For more information, please see [Facebook](

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