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Singapore’s foodie options have received yet another injection of culture. Introducing Kaiserhaus, an Austrian restaurant in the heart of the food-flushed Capitol Piazza. Beautifully embellished with velvet fittings and glorious chandeliers, this mall eatery runs the gamut when it comes to serving traditional Central European cuisine. With Chef Hans Lüftenegger running the show from the kitchen, guests can look forward to hearty and well-portioned delicacies such as Wiener Schnitzel (boneless meat – either pork or beef), Salon Beauschl (veal lungs and heart), and the Zaunerstollen (nougat praline concoction of wafers, hazelnuts and chocolate).

Phone: +65 6377 0013
Web: http://www.kaiserhaus.com.sg/
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs:10:30-00:00, Fri-Sat:10:30-01:00, Sun: 10:30-00:00
Book now with Chope at City Nomads

Joel Conceicao

When Joel’s not partaking in one of his shameless eating sessions, he likes to think of himself as a sponge – absorbing the mysteries and beauty of our world – be it through a good book or a wacky jaunt in a foreign country.

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