Lazy Sunday Lunches at The Westin Singapore

After a hectic week, we like to take things slow on Sundays. Sleep in. Chill out. Savour every little moment before the madness starts all over again. And what better way to unwind than over a long, lazy lunch over bubbly and spectacular views of Marina Bay and the South China Sea?

Seafood Selection at Seasonal Tastes' Lazy Lunch
Seafood Selection at Seasonal Tastes

Perched loftily on the 32nd floor of Asia Square Tower 2, Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Singapore is where you’ll experience only pleasure. Start off with their lavish seafood bar, which is splendidly filled to the brim with fresh sashimi and crustacean delights. Take your time to slurp on deliciously briny oysters and pick apart the shells of juicy prawns and luscious crabs.

House-made Sausages at Seasonal Tastes' Lazy Lunch
House-made Sausages at Seasonal Tastes

If your cravings lean towards the carnivorous, stop by The Butcher’s Shoppe, where you can indulge in a variety of steak cuts (ribeye, striploin, and sirloin) cooked a la minute. Completing the marvellous meat selection is a medley of pork belly, duck breast, chicken cutlet, and house-made sausages like Chorizo Verte, Turkey, and Spicy Italian.

Salad & Antipasto Bar at Seasonal Tastes' Lazy Lunch
Salad & Antipasto Bar at Seasonal Tastes

Get your hands dirty at the DIY gourmet sandwich section. Choose from an assortment of freshly baked breads like ciabatta, sour dough, or baguette, and pile it with tantalising servings of marinated grilled vegetables, sumptuous cheese varieties, as well as house-smoked charcuterie and cold cuts like turkey ham, pastrami, salami, and house-made barbecued beef brisket.

Dessert Selection at Seasonal Tastes' Lazy Lunch
Dessert Selection at Seasonal Tastes

Of course, which self-respecting Sunday lunch would be complete without a heavy dose of desserts? With tarts, pies, eclairs, creative cakes, and creamy gelato, this dizzying array of sweet treats will win the hearts of everyone and anyone with a sweet tooth.

Sounds good? We think so, too. Now excuse us as we make reservations for this gorgeous spread at The Westin Singapore, and perhaps check into the hotel for a staycation while we’re at it!

Priced at $78++ per person and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label at $88++, the Lazy Lunch is available every Sunday from 12 pm to 3 pm at Seasonal Tastes, Level 32, The Westin Singapore. Complimentary parking is available.

For more information or reservations, please call +65 6922 6968 or email [email protected]

This post is sponsored by The Westin Singapore.

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