Must-Do Outdoor Activities in Bali

There’s more to Bali than just chilling out by the beach; for those of you who are more active and looking for adrenaline-pumping activities, the Island of the Gods have you sorted. Here are five outdoor pursuits you can enjoy in Bali.

Trekking Mount Batur

Trekking at Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bali

Located in the Kintamani district of eastern Bali, Mount Batur (1717m) is one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes. Surrounded by a massive crater 14km in diameter, the trails on Mount Batur are relatively easy to hike, taking slightly over an hour to reach the peak. Although you can make the journey at almost any time of the day, we recommend starting early in the morning for a spectacular sunrise (it does get rather cold so be sure to wear long pants and bring a jacket) or in the evening for the sunset. There are local tour guides available that will assist with the ascent while explaining to you the history of Mount Batur and their experience of living in the area.

When you arrive at the peak, your guide might even cook you some eggs for breakfast using the hot steam from the volcano. Good walking/hiking shoes helps with trekking Mt Batur.

All-Terrain Vehicles

Speeding on an ATV, Bali

If you’re not the sort to push the physical limits of your body, all terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a great alternative since you get to be a speed demon without a driving licence. Bali offers several terrains which are perfect for ATV rides such as the black beach of Yeh Tangga, a seaside village near the famous Tanah Lot or through the rain forest along the hills of Bedugul, central Bali. Getting nature’s wind breeze in your face while zipping along the beach or rainforest during a hot humid day in Bali wouldn’t be too bad an adventure to go on.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting, Ubud, Bali

Best known for being the epicentre of Balinese art, Ubud also features stunning nature sites ideal for trekking and exploration. Explore what Mother Nature has to offer via the rapids. Ranging from grade 1 to 3, there are sections of the session where you’d experience a drop or two, which adds a thrilling factor to the experience but nothing death defying. If you’re lucky, you might see some monkeys swinging from tree to tree. On some tours, your guide might let you hop off the raft for a dip in the clear, cool water as well. Just remember to bring an extra set of clothes!


Adventure & Spirit Canyoning, Bali

Canyoning (exploring a canyon through a combination of different methods such as rappelling, wading, scrambling, caving, jumping, and abseiling down natural slopes) is still a relatively new sport in Bali with Adventure & Spirit being the only company to offer it. The adventure takes place in Bali’s picturesque Gigit area, in the northern part of the island, which features the perfect environment and canyons to choose from. This is definitely an activity for the adventurous, who don’t have a fear of heights. There are different trips to choose; the Kali Kecil trip includes sliding, abseiling up to 6m, jumping off edges up to 4m, swimming, gorges exploring and zip-lining. If you’re keen on an even bigger adventure, try the  Kerenkali trip. It would be advisable to be in good physical condition with the ability to swim up to 10m. The trip would see you abseiling down up to 26m, jumping off edges up to 10m, and many more.

Fireflies (Kunang-Kunang) Tour

Fireflies, Kunang-Kunang, Bali

Fireflies can only be found in unspoiled and undisturbed areas, far away from the crowds. The tours are carried out in the rice fields in Ubud. Every night, domestic and foreign tourists embark on an adventure in the rice fields of Ubud to catch a glimpse of these little glowing beauties. Along with the opportunity to catch and release fireflies, this tour is also an opportunity to have a nocturnal experience in Bali. Tip: prep loads of insect repellent.

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