Taking over the soundwaves at Broadcast HQ (closed)

Something’s happening in that little stretch between Lavender and Farrer Park MRT – there’s a new cool sweeping through (watch your backs ladies of the night!), with the new kids on the block CCSH who we wrote about recently here, and prior to that with the recent opening of Broadcast HQ.

The minute I laid my eyes on Broadcast HQ, I knew it was love. With an outside façade that lends itself to an old-timer cinema and an awesome wall mural round the side, this place already looks like it’s got some game.

Inside, the exposed brickwork and mellow lighting gives this spot a cool, laid-back, vintage vibe that takes me back to my East London days…and therefore a pretty rare find on our sunny isle.

The good folks at Broadcast HQ aim to broadcast ‘to your auditory & gustatory sensory receptor, bringing you pleasure through meats mead and music.’ We think that sums up the place perfectly. And let’s face it, they have the perfect credentials to make all that happen being the brainchild of Harry Grover of 40 Hands, George Grover of Oz music company Broadcast Events and the Spa Esprit group. Now that is one happy marriage indeed!

So let’s start off with the music. The absolute beating heart of the ground floor is the music store, where black wax lovers can delight in digging deep for electronic, hip-hop and alternative gems alike, or where folks like me can simply marvel at the awesome album artwork.

It’s a pretty awesome backdrop against which to enjoy their next pleasure point – meat!  Rib lovers will be wiping the drool away when they lock eyes, and then chops around their St Louis Style ribs. A juicy slab of carnivore lovers delight (at $30 a slab), these mothers come in a choice of marinades including Miso and Black Pepper (Umami), Rum and Coke (Sweet) and Tamarind and Maple Syrup (Tangy). We found the Rum and Coke to be particularly lip smacking good!

And now back to the music. These guys have only just begun on their journey of pretty darn good nights, hosting the likes of Mugic Soundsystem and Darker Than Wax and expect much more from them as they bring you international and local decksmiths to satisfy your music needs. At the moment, throwdowns are upstairs at weekends only, when you’ll also have a chance to sample some of their Broadcast Specialities which are yet to touch our lips like 40 Hands Espresso Martini and Fizzy Sake Peach Jelly. These guys have not only created but bottled their drinks, and promise their drinks are not only darn good but also fast!

Written by Ms Demeanour

Emily Seow

Managing Editor

Emily heads the editorial team on City Nomads by being a stickler for details, a grammar Nazi, and a really picky eater. Born and bred in Singapore, she loves cats, the written word, exploring new places, and all things Harry Potter. Easily bribed with good cocktails.

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