Two Blur Guys: two fat guys more like after eating all the delicious burgers!

Two Blur Guys

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Sometimes, eating out isn’t about the mood, or the decor, or the lighting. It’s just about the delicious, delectable, 2-minutes-and-it’s-gone, ‘Oh.  my.  goodness. That is so gooooooooooood’ food.

Two Blur Guys is that in a nutshell. A skinny, pretty-much-corridor of a diner, it’s not going to impress on account of the ambiance. But on tasting, in fact…scrap that, just smelling the smokey flavours wafting their way over from the adjacent kitchen, SuperPat and I were licking our chops with glee. This is honest, quick, flavourful food at its best, and did I mention, they only do burgers? but damn! they do them so well.

We opted for the Prime Beef, Chicken and Pulled Pork burgers, and we felt we picked marvellously! You might also be intrigued by the Duck Rilette, Salmon, or Portobello Mushroom veggie option. All sit around a wallet-friendly $12 and are accompanied by a tasty potato salad and green salad. I must confess this did make me giggle …as if the total gluttony of the burger is cancelled out by the healthiness of the salads! But what it does do, is make the burger the main event, and that’s exactly what it deserves. Just check out this bad boy …

The Pulled Pork ($12.85) – marinated pork, Gruyere cheese and honey mustard, pull together in a symphony of sweet, melt in the mouth, barbecue-y goodness. And that, was our least favourite! Next up was the Chicken Burger ($12.50).

Tender pieces of succulent chicken thigh (selected over chicken breast because it stays nice and juicy – serious about taste here guys!) flavoured with Asian herbs and spices, Gruyere cheese and curry mayo. This one packed a serious punch, with a smokey aromatic taste at first, followed by a lingering kick of spices. Absolutely delicious and SuperPat’s number 1 choice.

But for me, of the three we tasted, the Prime Beef (13.95) ticked all the boxes and had me swooning. This is a PROPER burger. 100% natural US pure beef, fresh tomato, sweet relish, Gruyere cheese and home-made truffle mayo. Firstly, I can’t be the only person that thinks, truffle on everything, it just makes everything better. And the burger itself was so juicy and buttery, just heavenly really.

To wash it down we were treated to a new concoction, Blended Lemon Mint Tea ($5.30), which was refreshing and just what you need when you’re munching down on a burger. The portions aren’t absolutely huge but don’t be disappointed, they are perfectly proportioned to leave you feeling massively satisfied and glad that someone had the sense to make them the size they did. Basically it’s all so delicious, you would probably just keep eating given half the chance.

The story behind Two Blur Guys, is the love of a man’s simple pleasures….beer and burgers! ‘It all started with a simple idea of wanting to share the love for good food. We talked about my first love – Burgers and it spiralled into a cascade of ideas.’ says one blur guy. Feeling that it was “hard to get gourmet burgers, beer and delicious pastries that are convenient for take-outs.’ Two Blur Guys was conceptualised, a gift for menfolk, and us ladies with a bit of hunger on us!

Only opened since June, ‘Two Blur Guys’ offers a small but carefully put together menu of six different signature burgers, a handful of beers (imported beer, pale ale, lager and Timmerman’s limbic beer for those that prefer the fruity side of life) coffees, and a tidy little range of in-house baked pastries, pies, quiches and cakes. But really, who has the space for that? It’s ALL about the burgers here, and trust me, Two Blur Guys sure do make a mean burger.


Written by Heh Zee -who is normally not trusted to do food reviews because she thinks everything is tasty! but as all our Nomads agreed Two Blur Guys really IS delicious, it was decided that on this occasion she could 🙂

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