Home Improvement: 8 Ways To Spruce Up Your HDB

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HDB flats, government subsidised homes that houses more than 80% of Singaporeans, are hardly what comes to mind when we think “awesome interior design!”, or “i would love to live in a house like this!”.

But just because a house is small (or old) doesn’t mean it can’t look like a stylish new space. If you’re getting the keys to your HDB flat soon or looking to renovate the current space, we have eight tips on how to go about beautifying your home:

Natural Light & Mirrors

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Elementz Design

Space is a scarce commodity in Singapore, so rely on natural lighting to create depth, by replacing curtains with blinds or shades and by inserting glass partitions to ‘light up’ dark corners of the room. Mirrors (especially full-length ones) and other reflective surfaces can also help create the illusion of a bigger space.

Estimated cost: $2500 – $5000

Replace Your Tiles

Boon Siew D’sign, 5-room HDB

The flooring materials you choose for your house can make a massive difference in the look and feel. How about replacing your interior’s existing flooring with granite or marble?

Estimated cost:

Marble: $10 – 14 /square feet
Parquet: $7 – 13/square feet
Laminated Wood: $3.50 – 4.50/square feet
Granite: $10 – 20/square feet
Ceramic: $3 – 13/square feet

Play With Fabrics

Ace Spade Design, 4-room HDB

Jazz up your plain sofas by getting colourful cushions with geometric patterns, or play with textures such velvet or silk for a more sophisticated and contemporary feel. If you’re using curtains, you might want to match (or contrast) it with the cushions and rugs in terms of colour and fabric.

Estimated cost: $200 – $800

Install A False Ceiling

Space Define Interior
Space Define Interior

Elevate the look of your home by installing false ceilings, which also lets you use recessed lighting as well as conceal any ugly service lines or cables.

Estimated cost: $4 – 10/square feet

Rethink Your Furniture

Ace Spade Design, 4-room HDB

Good and smart design will have furnishings that can be easily pulled up and moved around. When carefully planned, small spaces (read: most HDBs) can be very attractive. Don’t be afraid to place your furniture in the middle of the room, but avoid cluttering everything at the same spot.

Estimated cost: $1000 – $4000

Colour The Walls

Aiden T, 4-room HDB

Painting adds character and brings some life into your home. For more airiness, try light-coloured walls as opposed to dark colours. Want something more detailed? Opt for patterned wallpapers or feature walls (think craftstone or wood) instead.

Estimated cost:

Painting 3 Colours + White Ceiling: $900 – 1400
Craftstone: $60 – 80/square feet
Wood: $15 – 40/square feet

Hack The Walls

Darwin Interior
Darwin Interior

Whether you’re combining two rooms into one, replacing a wall with a glass partition, or simply opening up space in a room, hacking down a wall gives depth and new life to your home. Knocking certain walls require a permit from the HDB so be sure to apply for that first.

Estimated cost: $1500 – $5000

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