Bali Invasion At Kilo

DJs from Jenja Bali return for another takeover!

Wisdy, is one of the most rapid and electrifying DJ/Producers emerging on the shores in South East Asia. Currently holding a residency at Bali, Seminyak’s hot spot JENJA he also has a string of past residencies and gigs at W Woobar Bali, Mint Club Bali and Cocoon Beach Club Bali to name but a few. Back and forth performing in locations such as Singapore, Jakarta and Bali Wisdy is certainly stamping his mark on the scene as one of the most talented DJ/Producers out there. Last year, Wisdy was awarded as Indonesia House DJ of the year 2014.

With Bali as her home base, Heidy has quickly taken hold of the club scene with her musical expression and secured a reputation across Indonesia as one of the most talented female DJ’s on the circuit. Her creative energy and attention to each night’s mood has proven to be a winning formula. Spinning a mixed breed of house, electro-house and tech-house, all carved into a personal sound that leaves a lasting impression, Heidi takes on influences from world class acts such as Sebastien Leger, Dubfire and Deadmau5 while drawing on her own vinyl experience to lay down the direction for every show. Each performance molded to suit the venue and the crowd.

BALI INVASION was created to bring artists from the Bali underground music scene that the team behind Kilo encountered during their travels to open Kilo in Seminyak.

Bali Invasion takes place at Kilo Lounge on 7 Aug from 10pm. There is no cover charge and no guest list, but dress well; no flip flops!

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