All The Durian Desserts You Can Eat with Goodwood Park Hotel’s Durian Fiesta

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The durian is, without a doubt, the most divisive fruit on the planet. There’s really nothing else in the world that divides opinions quite like it. Those who love the king of fruit adore its pungent, rich, creaminess while others recoil at the slightest whiff of it.

If you belong to the former, you definitely need to know that Goodwood Park Hotel’s Durian Fiesta is back in its 33rd edition. The line-up of 13 durian-based and durian infused desserts can be purchased from the hotel’s deli from now till 17 July 2016, and there’s just so many things to look forward to at this annual thorny affair.Durian Black Sea Salt Caramel Cake Goodwood Park

For instance, the intensity of the Durian Black Sea Salt Caramel Cake ($13/slice, $85/cake) is balanced out by the slight, savoury tangs of Hawaiian black sea salt. Absolutely gorgeous.Durian Kueh Lapis Goodwood Park HotelThe Durian Kueh Lapis ($12/slice, $62/cake) is a must-have for those who appreciate tradition, while the Mini D24 Durian Ice Cream Bars ($6/bar, $30/box of 6) are a great way to get your kids to start loving durian – these petite and colourful frozen goodies are suffused with the rich flavours of the D24, and come in chocolate shells and a variety of toppings.Mini D24 Durian Ice Cream Bars Goodwood Park

An Asian twist can also be seen in the Durian Pudding topped with Osmanthus Jelly ($6.80). Available at both Goodwood Park Hotel’s deli and in-house Chinese restaurant Min Jiang, the full-flavoured creaminess of this pudding is accentuated by the fragrant and refreshing osmanthus jelly.Durian Pudding Osmanthus Jelly Goodwood Park Hotel

Highly prized in Singapore, the rich and fleshy pulp of the Mao Shan Wang is incorporated into the light and fluffy “Mao Shan Wang” Mousse Cake ($62 for 500g), and is definitely an indulgent treat for the senses.

Meanwhile, the ultimate flavour bomb comes in the form of the Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cake ($12/slice, $52/cake), which was such a hit during the same durian festival last year that they brought it back.Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cake Goodwood Park Hotel

Lastly, the Durian Chocolate-Hazelnut Tartlet ($43/6pcs) – think D24, milk chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, and a buttery base – are bite-sized delights that are full of crunch and flavour!Durian Crunchy Chocolate-Hazelnut Tartlet Goodwood Park HotelDurian Fiesta at Goodwood Park runs till Sunday, 17 July 2016. Order online or at the Deli from 9am to 9pm daily. Click here to find out more. 

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