GUMBO + Hatch: Ring-a-Ring-o’ Rosie

Both Japanese and the Singaporeans are living in an economically developed modern society.
Through its comical fantastic storyline, ‘Ring-a Ring-o’ Rosie’ will set you thinking – ‘What does it
mean to human?’ ‘What is happiness?’

Times: 8pm (11 & 12 July), 3pm (12 July)

Venue: The Substation Theatre, The Substation, 45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936

Tickets: SGD$20 / SGD$15 (Concession)

Tickets Available from The Substation Box Office

Ticket Purchase: via call 6337 7800 or email:

Please note that the ticket purchase hotline (6337 7900) shown on the event poster is an error.

Written by: Theatre Group GUMBO + Hatch Theatrics

Director: Kayo Tamura

Cast: (From Japan) Kayo Tamura, Ryo Nishihara, Yuko Nishimura & Nono Miyasaka.
(From Singapore) Faizal Abdullah, Ghazali Muzakir & Gloria Tan

Music: Kaori Satake (piano), Yuko Nishimura (percussion), Misha’al Syed Nasar (Guitar)

Translator: Miki Hawkinson, Ghazali Muzakir

Music Composed/Arranged by: Kaori Satake

Producer: Theatre Group GUMBO, Hatch Theatrics

Show Duration: 80 Minutes

The show will be performed in English, Malay & Japanese with English subtitles.

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