Lunching In – 5 Delivery Services For the Hangry CBD Crowd

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In case you were wondering if that’s a typo in the title, it’s not. Work’s tough enough to get through without wasting that precious lunch hour queuing in the humid Singapore afternoon, and often we get hungry and angry (thus, hangry). So here’s 5 food delivery services that will change your perception of an office lunch for good (no more sweat, good wholesome food, say whut?)!

For quick AND wholesome meals: Grain

Delivery Services Singapore: Grain
Emerging from an entire morning of meetings with a head full of glue and the inability to think about anything but the fact that you’re really, really hungry. And you refuse to turn to fast food. Well, how does Scallop Asparagus Risotto, Chicken Couscous and Unagi with Bonito-simmered Carrots and Daikon Bento, delivered to you in 15 minutes sound? Yup, we thought so.

Grain is a food delivery service that understands the struggle to balance work and health, providing a daily changing menu of global dishes ($9.95-$11.95) made out of wholesome ingredients delivered to the working population in Marina Bay FOC. The daily menu is presented in beautifully snapped photographs on their website and Instagram for pre-order and orders, so save your excuses for not eating right because you’re busy. Cold-pressed juices are also available, and honestly, we can’t wait till they expand out of the Marina Bay area to island-wide delivery.

Order from Grain online or call 8307 4253 for more information.

For the chapalang group lunches: Lunchbox

How team lunches usually go down: a quarter of an hour is spent deciding where to eat (or has the shortest queue), the next queuing, another quarter getting everyone’s order right, and the last quarter? Waiting for the food. By the time it arrives, everyone’s grumpy and hungry and wolfs down their food without much interaction. Sounds familiar (and silly)? Thanks to Lunchbox, you can order a variety of cusine from Thai to Western, and even Chinese for a comfortable team lunch, where you guys can actually experience the joys of food and conversation. Although they promise that the food will reach warm, delivery times depend on when you order, ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour, so this is not for the last-minute hungry.

Order at Lunchbox online or call 6407 1158 for more information.

For the munchy and munchies: BoxGreen

Delivery Services Singapore: BoxGreen
A relatively new concept here in Singapore, BoxGreen delivers 4 to 6 organic and/or natural snacks to you monthly, for $17.90-$19.90 per month depending on your subscription. Snacks range from baked nuts, fruit sticks, and specialty trail mix flavours such as Black Forest and Apple Crumble – and they’re change every month to keep your tastebuds happy. They also have a BoxGreen Team Box option, which are catered to stock office pantries, be it for a team of two or a company of more than 30. This collective effort to nourish our bodies so we can function better goes beyond lunchtime fodder, and we love it!

Order at BoxGreen online.

For hawker food lovers (without the queuing): Feedex

There are days you just want to face plant into a steaming plate of fragrant Hainanese Chicken Rice from Tiong Bahru or a fat Ramly burger. Or you wake with an insatiable craving for that Adam Road Nasi Lemak that you can only dream about amidst the tall buildings in the CBD. The young trio (all 22 years old!) behind Feedex hit up their handpicked local hawker favourites for a limited order quantity every day from 8am to 2pm ( or while stocks last) for pick up between 11.45am to 2pm. Each set meal ranges from $7.90 to $8.50 and comes with a side (dessert, yoghurt or cut fruits) and drink, which can be ordered via a cashless credit system. Stroll breezily past the sweaty queuing folks and collect your lunch from their store at Telok Ayer Street.

Order at Feedex online or call 8190 8403 for more information.

For everything and anything: Foodpanda

Foodpanda is where you’ll find the most expansive range of food since they’ll deliver from eateries including 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken, PastaMania, Chili’s and Spizza. Ordering is a breeze with menu items reflecting costs and delivery time stated clearly for your consideration – all you need is your postal code. This multi-national player has also partnered up with OpenRice to provide food reviews, and their service has a consistently good rep for both SMS confirmations and quicker delivery times compared to what is stated on the website. However, delivery takes longer as compared to other services so this is better suited for the days and nights you know you need it.

Order at Foodpanda online or call 6589 8669 for more information.

Top Image: Foodpanda

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