Quayside dining at Paradiso Restaurant & Bar

Paradiso Restaurant

If I had the funds and the pleasure to live on Sentosa, I highly doubt I’d ever leave. With everything from beach-life entertainment to a variety of decent places to dine and all within such a small space.. honestly, I’d just laze on that little island daily.

Dining down at the quayside, you feel as though you could be anywhere in the world and certainly not just minutes from a bustling city. Sabio by the Sea’s new neighbor, Paradiso –  part of the Cuba Libre Group, brings a Latin American flavour to Sentosa.

I wouldn’t necessary label this a destination restaurant, but if you find yourself down on the island and are looking for something with an easy-breezy chilled vibe, it’s a great little spot to pitch up for some atmospheric mojitos and tapas. Don’t worry if you’ve got your kids with you, as the venue is child friendly.

At just $24 the Grande signature mojitos are mighty large. If you want something a little punchier then try Cointreau Mojito – well balanced, sugary goodness, bound to compliment any of those tapas dishes!

Tapas recommendations from us are the Mejillones en Ron y Crema ($14), large, hearty muscles in a rum sauce, and the meaty, garlic, Gambas de Ajo ($16). Both standard tapas items and the flavour in both of these small plates only confirms their worthy menu place.

Calamari, it’s a funny one – often over-cooked and too oily. This different stance on calamari (Calamares es Tomate y Pimenton , $14) features the fresh squid rings in a tomato concasse and it’s a refreshing change.

If you’ve come hungry, then try some of these delicious mains. A favourite of mine, Paella! Or Mariscos a la Valenciana ($32) as it is on the menu. A very clean, fresh, paella which is a lot lighter than the stodgy paella I mentally associate the dish with. Served with fresh seafood and hardboiled eggs this is a decent sharing dish.

If you’re feeling adventurous, then why not bet on the unusual choice of Calamares Rellenos ($24), squid stuffed and served with some deliciously flavoursome Cuban rice. This isn’t a menu item which necessarily jumps out as a must-have, but actually it really works. A succulently tender piece of squid and all in all, a pleasant surprise.

If you like sweet and savoury combinations, then the Pollo Al Mojito  ($24) is a good pick for you. A vibrant, colourful dish of chicken and mango salsa served with potatoes bravas, vegetables and salad. Usually I tend to like my savouries all savoury, but the flavours here marry very well.

If you’re looking for good cocktails and flavoursome food with a sunny view of boats, then head to Paradiso Restaurant & Bar.

Written by Superpat

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