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The Horse's Mouth

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It’s literally been on my agenda for the past 4-6 weeks to head down to the Horse’s Mouth, and each week something has unfortunately come up diverting my attention… HOWEVER, last Thursday, I had the pleasure of finally making my way down to one of Singapore’s newest (and coolest) cocktail bars.

With a somewhat hidden entrance, to find the Horse’s Mouth bar, you either need to enter via Uma Uma Ramen upstairs or via the basement level’s Yoshiyuki futuristic electronic doors that seem to come out of nowhere…and then you will enter the Horse’s Mouth (as wrong as that may sound!).

Although being rather spacious, there’s actually only around 22 seats, of which 10 are seated around the bar where you have the immense pleasure of witty banter from the bartenders (such as Louis, picture below) and of course watching the pros making some classic drinks, which is exactly what me and my esteemed drinking partner decided to do, timing it just as a group was leaving.

The selection of spirits here is excellent and of premium standard which always make me happy. Nothing worse than having a crap bourbon in your Old Fashioned and the like. And of course having something of a Japanese theme, the selection of whiskies was a good standard.

What I really liked about the Horse’s Mouth was their ability to make a variety of superb cocktails, from fruity, fresh numbers for the more ‘delicate palate’, to bitter old drinks for bitter old buggers like myself, such as their Old Pal, Sazerac, Negroni etc. Having tried all three of them, I was thoroughly impressed. Moreover, they’ve got a snazzy collection of funky infusions so expect the unexpected in your drinks.

Unfortunately this visit to the Horse’s Mouth was already after dinner so we didn’t get a chance to try the ramen…I stress the word unfortunately, because upon seeing them served up at the bar counter to other patrons that evening, steaming away, I was uber jealous and have promised to save valuable stomach space for my next visit.

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