Toast Hut

Melvin Soh, 29, started his business at the tender age of 23, and faced an abnormal amount of doubt in his coffee brewing skills from the older generations. Brewed and filtered through a coffee sock before being ‘pulled’ through brass pots, our traditional kopi is admittedly something that belongs more to the older generations. His fragrant brew made from a special blend of 100% Arabica beans won over cynics in no time at all, however, and what sets Toast Hut apart is also his new renditions of the traditional kaya toast sets, such as golden cracker kaya and butter sandwiches, and tuna baguette rolls for those looking for a heartier meal.
Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday: 7am – 3pm, Friday – Sunday: 7am – 3pm

Joel Conceicao

When Joel’s not partaking in one of his shameless eating sessions, he likes to think of himself as a sponge – absorbing the mysteries and beauty of our world – be it through a good book or a wacky jaunt in a foreign country.

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