Ode to Art Presents CHINA RED by Yu Nan Cheng

This May, Ode to Art will be presenting professional Chinese artist Yu Nan Cheng’s most popular series – CHINA RED to art enthusiasts in Singapore.

CHINA RED comprises thousands of people practicing Tai Chi at Tiananmen Square in China. By depicting the poses of martial art itself, Yu Nan Cheng brings forward the spirituality contained in these movements – the yin and yang, the hard and the soft coming together to generate energy; the power contained in this series is almost palpable and the artist’s view on the product of contrasts becomes more apparent than just his cultural juxtaposition of technique.

Born in ChangZhou in 1956, Yu has more than 40 years of engagement in art creation. In the last few years, Yu’s breakthrough technique of layers by palette knife revolutionized the world of Chinese oil painting. Being Western in nature and origin, the technique adds for interesting contrast with the traditionally Chinese or classical.

Yu’s artworks have been well collected by art institutions and professional art collectors in various regions in the world, including U.S, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Japan and Middle Eastern countries.

So come enjoy the exhibition of this very talented Chinese artist and take a look at his signature technique!

For more information, visit the Ode to Art’s [website](http://www.odetoart.com). Members of the public can call 62501901 or email to register. The Ode to Art Raffles City Gallery is located at 252, North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-36E/F, Singapore 179109.

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