Party On-The-Go With A Phat Cat Collective’s New Music Subscription

With clubs still closed, most of us are drinking cocktails at home and partying in our living room. But hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have the DJ experience and listen to some great mixes. A Phat Cat Collective brings the party to you with their new music subscription programme, featuring a specially curated archive of mixtapes by resident and guest DJs.


These are the same folks behind pinball playground Pinball Wizard and retro arcade bar-discotheque NINETEEN80 (which earned a “Best Nightspot” nod at the Singapore Tourism Awards 2019), so you can be sure that their forte is throwing parties with a unique flair.

This music subscription experience brings you an on-the-go immersion of the group’s concepts, with mixtapes ranging from nostalgic classics of the 80s-00s (NINETEEN80) to classic and new age hip-hop (a la Pinball Wizard’s SuperDuperFly livestreams). You can also get a sneak listen of the group’s upcoming steampunk-powered House and Electronic music flagship, RAILS.

Meet The DJs

DJ Ollie’des

Get ready for some of the hottest DJs in Singapore to grace your headphones, including Singaporean electronic music pioneer Brendon P, who brings together sounds past and present with a lo-fi, melody-forward approach. Bobos the DJ also makes an appearance, resident DJ at NINETEEN80 and a staunch lover of the hits of yesterday. There’s no forgetting hip-hop sensei Ollie’des,whose mixes combine old-school hip-hop with diverse flavours of funk, dancehall, and even dubstep and trap.

Streaming The Tunes

Hosted on Mixcloud Select, the subscription allows you to access a growing library with three new mixtapes each week for just S$4 per month. Best of all, you can be assured that Mixcloud Select is a fair-distribution platform allowing artists, songwriters, and creators to get their cut fairly and legally. That’s music to our ears.

A Phat Cat Collective is on Mixcloud Select here. Subscriptions are priced at S$4.

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