Wellness Wednesday: Therapeutic Yoga for the Modern Man’s Ailments

Yoga, a therapeutic treasure with its roots in ancient Indian culture, maintains and improves vigour and vitality. Various meditative practices boost inner health and harmony – invaluable steps in the path to good health – and as a spiritual practice, yoga aims to unify the individual soul with the supreme soul.

Centuries ago, the propounders of Yoga recognised disturbances in mental health as the root cause of ailments and developed a healthcare system that sought to enhance mental and physical well-being, ideals that are of strong relevance in today’s society.

Prakriti Shakti, CGH Health’s Clinic of Natural Medicine

From a Yogic perspective, Adhi – disturbances in the Manomaya Kosha (layer of mind) – are the cause and Vyadhi (ailments affecting the physical layer Annamaya Kosha) are the explicit effects. Imbalances always stem from the mental layer and percolates to the other layers called Koshas. When the disturbances in the Manomaya Kosha are left unattended, it also affects the Pranamaya Kosha (layer of energy). Consequently, the flow of energy becomes disrupted, in turn disturbing the Annamaya Kosha and the individual begins to fall into a diseased state.

Soukya Yoga

Bogged down by the stresses of today’s city life, the modern man is especially vulnerable to ailments such as back pain, anxiety, depression and migraines, amongst others. Long working hours, little sleep and poor dietary choices all contribute to a lack of wellbeing, leading to unfavourable repercussions such as poor health.

To attain and sustain overall wellness in today’s world, we need the synergy between our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Yoga shows us the ways and means to achieve this synergy.

Soukhya Yoga

Soukya Yoga is practised to keep all your systems in optimal health. At Prakriti Shakti, Soukya Yoga sessions begin at the first lights of dawn and each day, with exercises focusing on a particular system in the body.

Bandhas – “body locks” that increase the blood circulation, strengthen and rejuvenate the organs and alleviate stress – are included in Soukya Yoga to revitalise your brain centres, the nadis and the chakras, while performing various Asanas improves your flexibility, strength and balance.

Dharana Yoga

Dharana Yoga focuses on guided relaxation techniques, which help you experience a restful yet alert state of mind. Known as the sixth stage of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, the essence of Dharana Yoga is to develop a deep concentration of the mind by “binding the consciousness to a single point”. It quiets the mind, helping you gain control of your thoughts and attain inner peace. 

Dhyana Yoga

Through Dhyana Yoga, stay in a state of peace through meditation and correct breathing. The seventh stage of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, ‘Dhyana’ succeeds the practice of ‘Dharana’ – training the mind to focus on a point, whereby you meditate on this point of focus.

After gradually gaining control of your mind, this power can be channeled to awaken and strengthen the self-healing capacity of the body. ‘Dhyana’ lets you discover calmness, placidity and contentment within yourself.

Samana Yoga

Samana Yoga is practised as personalised yoga sessions designed for each patient based on their physical and mental health conditions. Meaning healing or relief, Samana Yoga at Prakriti Shakti is a healing regimen created to become a part of your life.

After developing a thorough understanding of your body and mind, CGH Earth Wellness doctors combine yogic practices that address your medical requirements and fitness goals.

Need help getting start? CGH Earth Wellness doctors can help you comfortably develop a fitness regimen that can be performed daily in your own space via individual training to practise these therapeutic exercises in the correct manner.

This article was contributed by CGH Earth Ayurveda, part of the wellness wing of CGH Earth, one of the pioneers in responsible tourism in India, with a credible background spanning over five decades in offering uniquely immersive travel experiences. CGH Earth Ayurveda offers healthcare service which are about complete well-being based on the traditional and authentic Ayurvedic system of healing.

Disclaimer: these remedies cannot be taken as a prescription or as professional advice, please check with qualified Ayurveda Doctors if there is any adverse reaction or no improvement in the conditions.

All images courtesy of CGH Earth Ayurveda.

Top Image: Samana Yoga

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