Lockdown Booze-Up: The Secret Mermaid’s Dragonfruit Cocktail Recipe Will Shake Up Your Friday Night In

Weekdays and weekends are starting to blur together, but we still know exactly when it’s time for Friday night drinks. To booze up your lockdown life, we’ll be bringing you one tasty cocktail recipe each Friday from our bartender friends. This week, we’re starting off with a fiendishly fruity signature from The Secret Mermaid – Devil In The Details.

Japanese eatery by day and bar-slash-tasting-room by night, this CBD speakeasy is the haunt of many a post-work tippler. Helmed by head bartender Kelly D’Cruz, The Secret Mermaid boasts a boozy library of small-batch American spirits, alongside a tipple program crafted around these intriguing spirits. Devil In The Details, for instance, currently features the award-winning Montanya Platino – an agricole-style rum aged in used American oak and graced with a smidge of Colorado honey.

While you likely won’t have this rum just lying about at home, a white rum substitute will slake your thirst in a pinch. Hot pink and dragonfruit-fuelled, this zesty number is set to fire up your Friday in.


40ml dragonfruit-infused rum (30g of dehydrated white dragonfruit and white rum)

20ml lime juice

15ml simple syrup

2 dashes Bob’s Lavender Bitters

2 cubes pink dragonfruit muddled


Step 1: To make dragonfruit-infused rum, sous vide 30g of dehydrated white dragonfruit with white rum at 50°C for two hours.

Step 2: Muddle pink dragonfruit cubes in base of shaker.

Step 3: Add the rum infusion, simple syrup, lime juice, and Bob’s Lavender Bitters.

Step 4: Add ice and shake.

Step 5: Double-strain into a coupe glass.

For the final touch, hit play on this ASMR video, sit back, and let those bar sounds wash over you.

Find your peace. Cocktail ASMR by The Secret Mermaid.

ASMR video featuring our cocktail Devil in the Details.

Posted by The Secret Mermaid on Sunday, 12 April 2020

Top Image: The Secret Mermaid, Kelly D’Cruz

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