Restaurant Review: Fratelli Trattoria Showcases Contemporary Italian Classics at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

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Tucked within the enclave of restaurants at Festive Walk, Resorts World Sentosa, it’s easy to skip past the unassuming corner where Fratelli Trattoria sits. Under the helm of Italian celebrity chefs, the Cerea brothers, Fratelli isn’t simply a fancy restaurant but a showcase of good and authentic Italian cuisine. With their contemporary-meets-heritage recipes hailing from their Three-Michelin-Starred DaVittorio, Lombardy, Italy, diners can look forward to a feast behind those tinted doors.

Theatre-style kitchens line both sidea of the dining area that’s framed by warm lighting. Housing two concepts – Trattoria (restaurant) and Pizzeria – in one, it’s the best of Italian traditions served in both casual and fine dining fashion.

Classic Carnaroli Risotto with Zucchini Cream, Buffalo Ricotta Stuffed Squash Blossom, and “Vincotto” Dressing (s$34)

After a mini-tour around, our lunch kicks off with beautiful appetizers and a freshly baked bread platter. The Panella di ceci, pomodoro piccante (chickpea cake with spicy tomato) had a surprisingly soft core despite its thin and crispy exterior. Think Italian version of our local carrot cake, with a whole new repertoire of ingredients for a pleasant surprise.

Keeping true to Fratelli’s fondness of fresh fish, Tonno tataki, bagna cauda, crumble di pistacchi (red tuna tataki style with bagna cauda dressing and pistachio crumble) was a well-balanced delight. The garlic spicy bagna cauda dressing and nutty flavours of pistachio complemented the lightly-seared tuna nicely, giving the dish a Western twist.

Welsh Lamb Rack topped with Aromatic Herbs and Parsnip Velouté at the side

Unsurprisingly, we loved the bread platter: Focaccia and Ciabatta in palm-size portions, paired with the tomato basil and balsamic vinegar dips respectively. Soft yet chewy, don’t miss out this treat even if you’re watching your carbs intake. A small piece won’t hurt, right?

Mains-wise, Gazpacho di Pomodori e Pesche, Gamberi Croccanti (crispy prawns with tomatoes and peach gazpacho, top image, S$42) doesn’t disappoint. Oh, the prawns used in this summer dish are sustainably sourced, staying true to Italian seafood culture. We also loved this season’s protein Agnello all Erbe, Pastinaca e il suo Ragu (Welsh lamb rack with aromatic herbs and parsnip velouté, above, S$58). Sweet, succulent, and with a bite, the medium-rare lamb rack was not overwhelmingly meaty despite the generous serving.

Midori, featuring a rich avocado cream served with lemon jelly, dehydrated coconut, macadamia nuts, and yogurt sherbert

No Italian meal is complete without the desserts, isn’t it? Go traditional with their Cerea-family-style Tiramisu Moderno (S$18), a contemporary twist to their original family recipe. We tried Midori (above, S$18), a rich avocado cream served with icy lemon jelly. Light on the palate, there’s also dehydrated coconut sponge, crunchy macadamia nuts and yogurt sherbet for a mix of textures. Overall, it felt like a tropical paradise placed atop a pandan leaf.

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Fratelli Trattoria is located at the lobby of Hotel Michael, Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269, p.+65 6577 6555. Opens Wed-Mon 6-10pm, closed on Tuesdays except Public Holidays. Tasting Menus start at S$98 for a 3-course meal, and S$168 for a 6-course meal.

Charmaine Tan

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