The Weekly Grub: 5 Things To Eat And Drink In Singapore This Week

This week delivers on variety. From durians and burgers to wagyu beef and cognac-infused dishes, there’s bound to be something for you on this list.

Goodwood Park’s Annual Durian Fiesta is Back

Bask in full glory of the thorny fruit with 12 premium D24 and mao shan wang creations on offer during Goodwood Park’s 35th Durian Fiesta, happening now till 22 July 2018. This year sees four new desserts like the highly addictive D24 White Chocolate Rasberry Dome ($13 for 2, $36 for 6) and the creamy D24 Coffee Glaze ($14 per slice), thanks to their generous amounts of pulp and delicious complimentary flavours. The hotel’s Coffee Lounge will also be serving their all-you-can-eat Dessert Buffet with Durian Pastries ($38.80++) from 5 May 2018 while signature classics like the ‘Mao Shang Wang’ Power Puff ($9 for 2, $25 for 6, $42 for 10) and the ‘Mao Shang Wang’ Mousse Cake ($13 per slice) will only be available from on 12 May.

Take away orders for Durian Fiesta can be placed online until 18 July. For walk-in orders and the dessert buffet, head to Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221, p.+65 6730 1786.

Remy Martin Presents A Tale Of Three Cities

Behold the exclusive 8 Hands Restaurant Bar Exchange featuring the best culinary and bartending hands of Singapore, Manila and Sydney. From 7pm on April 12, guests are invited to explore the intricacies of Remy Martin Cognac Fine Champagne through exceptional cocktails and cognac-infused dishes. Manila heavyweights from Toyo Eatery & The Curator team up with Tess Bar & Kitchen to push boundaries as they serve up modern European meets contemporary Filipino fare with a cocktail pairing. Zui Hong Lou and Dead Ringer challenge the contrasting styles of rich and indulgent Chinese cuisine with the clean, produce-driven Australian fare.

Cocktails will be priced at $15 while small plates will be priced between $14 to $24.

Tess Bar & Kitchen is located at 38 Seah Street, Singapore 188394, p.+65 6337 7255.

Zui Hong Lou is located at 90 Club Street, Singapore 069788, p.+65 8181 0572.

Marina Bay Sands Presents The Signature Series

Marina Bay Sands’ The Signature Series is a week-long gourmet event taking place from 9 – 15 April, featuring exclusive in-restaurant dining experiences, late night parties and masterclasses helmed by a stellar cast of celebrity chefs. Highlights include a late night menu by celebrity chef David Myers over 11 – 13 April. Come indulge in the six-course omakase dinner ($98++ per person on 11 & 13 April, $150++ per person for masterclass and dinner) and learn a thing or two about slicing sashimi and plating fresh ocean catch from the American born chef behind Adrift.


Adrift is located at Marina Bay Sands, Hotel Lobby Tower 2, Singapore 018956, p+65 6688 5657.

Potato Head Singapore Introduces Tribute Burgers

Three Buns at Potato Head Singapore has a reputation for creating whacky (but delicious) seasonal burgers on top of their core offerings. Their Tribute Burgers campaign, which pays homage to Hollywood and music royalty, starts with the ‘Under Pressure’ Burger ($22). Inspired by David Bowie and Queen’s collaborative number one hit, expect a slow-cooked Black Angus Beef Patty and a robust combination of shaved fennel, lemon, ketchup, brie de meaux, truffle aioli and tomato, between two halves of a demi brioche bun. Each tribute burger will run for three months; the next burger will be revealed in July.

Potato Head Singapore is located at 36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143, p.+65 6327 1939. 

Beefing Up The Menu At Gordon Grill With Kagoshima Wagyu

Until 4 May 2018, steakhouse Gordon Grill will be introducing the award-winning Kagoshima Wagyu to its selection of premium meats. The Kagoshima Black cattle is renowned for its exceptional quality and testament to this claim is the is Kagoshima Prefecture’s accolade as overall winner of the twice-a-decade ‘Wagyu Olympics’, last held in September 2017. Enjoy a range of special lunch and dinner sets ranging from $58++ for a three-course lunch to $158++ for a four-course dinner with wine pairing.

Gordon Grill is located at Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221, p.+65 6730 1744.


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