Bar Review: Lil’ Tiger Brings Cocktails, Funky Tunes & Chicken Fries to Robertson Quay, Singapore

Located on the lively Robertson Walk, Lil’ Tiger is truly an enclave on its own behind a nondescript black sliding door. Brought to you by the same folks behind Wildfire Chicken & Burgers, find tropical-themed decor and funky jams (think deep house, brazilian, latin and indie tracks) in this new tippling den. Complete with a disco ball, smoke machine, and cozy dim lighting, this is the casual hideout to let your hair down.

The Grape Mistake

Pick your poison from a long list of highballs, signature cocktails, and even barrel-aged cocktails, alongside a generous selection of beers, wines, and bubbly. Easy drinking signature cocktails include the refreshing concoction of gin and lavender that is Rico Suave (S$26) and The Grape Mistake (S$26), a daring combination of Kyoho grape and tequila. The latter is one for the ‘gram too, with a dainty floral garnish on white foam of the smooth tipple.

Bon Voyage

Proceed up the ABV ladder with Bon Voyage (S$26), a heady potion of port wine, sweet vermouth, and absinthe, which goes down the hatch easily enough despite the prominent aniseed flavour. Don’t skip their barrel-aged cocktails either; the well-balanced Sangue Gusto (S$22) is party in your mouth with the whisky, bitter fernet, tart cherry liqueur, and sweet vermouth. Love your liquid desserts? The whisky-based Hazelnut Drop (S$22) is also a banger, with notes of chocolate and hazelnut.

Rosemary Lard Roasted Potatoes

Beyond the cocktails, Lil’ Tiger offers a full food menu that includes bar bites ripe for sharing to large plates that’ll cater for a solo tippler. French fries are taken to a whole ‘nother level with their Chicken Fries (S$8). Chicken skin is dehydrated, powdered, and then tossed together with the crispy thin-cut fries for a dangerously addictive infusion of umami. Lil’ Tiger then redefines savoury sides with their Rosemary Lard Roasted Potatoes (S$8). This was a constant callback between boozy sips.

Armed with a Binchotan-fired oven, the kitchen’s protein dishes are pretty solid. The Iberian Black Pork (S$32) is topped with chopped pineapple; its zesty yet sweet flavour complementing the pork’s nutty flavour. Tangy chimichurri sauce paired well with the Spider Steak Wagyu (S$26), which could have come off the grill more tender.

Our favourite taco was probably the most eccentric: boneless French Poulet neck. The Chicken Neck (S$12) was chewy and flavourful, going quite nicely with the chopped onions and pineapple in the taco. For something heartier, the Pulled Pork Burger (S$15) should be a go-to for its fluffy toasted brioche buns, and indulgent combo of Iberian black pork shoulder, crispy smoked bacon, chipotle mayo, and Spanish onions.

End your night off on a sweet note with the Oven Caramelised Pineapple Vanilla Ice Cream (S$13). The result is a wonderful combination of sweet caramel with a heart of sweet-sour pineapple, smoothened out by velvety vanilla ice cream.

Lil’ Tiger is located at 11 Unity St #01-07, Singapore 237995, p. +65 +65 8884 6445. Open 4pm-10.30pm daily.

Bryan has the biggest love affair with Italian cuisine, and could eat handmade pasta for the rest of his life. When not eating, he can be found at an art exhibition, taking film and digital photographs, or running 5 and 10Ks.