The Food and Drink Guide to Changi Village: Nasi Lemak, Nasi Ayam Penyet and Cafes

For some people, Changi Village is the ultimate destination for good ol’ hawker grub. Blessed with some of Singapore’s most famous hawker stalls, this historic district is, and always has been, truly synonymous with our local heritage.

Thanks to a steady influx of hip establishments, the former coconut plantation isn’t just a Nasi Lemak haven; with a titillating mix of artisanal coffees, local cuisine, and sinful desserts, there are more than a few good reasons to explore this obscure part of Singapore…and here’s our guide to the best hawker food and café bites you can find at Changi Village.

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Local Flavours

While there are plenty of excellent stalls at Changi Village hawker centre, these vendors just about topped the rest in terms of shiokness, and to say that we’re nitpicking is really not an exaggeration.

Weng Kee Ipoh Hor Fun

Weng Kee Ipoh Hor Fun, Changi Village Hawker Centre, Singapore

Weng Kee Ipoh Hor Fun churns out solid servings of the Perak food specialty on a daily basis. We recommend going for the Chicken Cutlet Hor Fun ($3.50), a hearty dish consisting of delicately blanched noodles and chopped slices of fried poultry. A viscous, piquant broth pleasantly percolated the crisp chicken skin, with ribbons of soft noodles wrapping themselves around the tender chicken flesh. If you desire something more localised, they’ve also got a mean version of Wanton Mee in their locker.

Weng Kee Ipoh Hor Fun is located at #01-19, Changi Village Hawker Centre, 2 Changi Village Road, Singapore 500002.

International Muslim Food Stall

Nasi Lemak, International Muslim Food Stall, Changi Village Hawker Centre, Singapore

There are plenty of stalls that will lay claim to having the best Nasi Lemak in Changi, but if you’re a first timer at this famous foodie sanctuary and you want a fail-safe option, International Muslim Food Stall could just be the place for you. Their Nasi Lemak ($3.50) is made up of fragrant grains of pandan-infused rice, crunchy ikan bilis (fried anchovies), chunky deep-fried chicken wings, and sambal sauce interspersed with chopped bits of chilli. Do note that all the Nasi Lemak stalls at Changi Village take awhile to serve their dishes even during non-peak hours, and we’d suggest ordering from other stalls to while you wait.

International Muslim Food Stall  is located at #01-03, Changi Village Hawker Centre, 2 Changi Village Road, Singapore 500002.

Mei Xiang Goreng Pisang

Mei Xiang Goreng Pisang, Changi Village Hawker Centre, Singapore

To satisfy your cravings for banana fritters, there’s no better place than Mei Xiang Goreng Pisang. Fried in sizzling hot oil, goreng pisang is made by having a granular-like batter coating to encase the soft pulp of bananas, making it a perfectly saccharine after-meal snack to cleanse the palate. We love how Mei Xiang’s goreng pisang skin is gorgeously crumbly, yet sticky at the same time, with it’s insides tasting almost caramelised. Beautiful.

Mei Xiang Goreng Pisang is located at #01-51, Changi Village Hawker Centre, 2 Changi Village Road, Singapore 500002.

Sari Bistari Changi Village Famous Nasi Ayam Penyet

Sari Bistari Changi Village Famous Nasi Ayam Penyet

Like Nasi Lemak, there are plenty of hawker stalls at Changi Village that offer quality Nasi Ayam Penyet, but Sari Bistari gets the nod for its local twist of the traditional Indonesian dish. The dainty granules of rice inextricably taste more strongly of chicken stock than usual, while a large hunk of fried chicken is served on a separate plate. Strangely, it also does without the customary tahu goreng (fried tofu) and tempeh (Indonesian soy product), hence the emphasis on catering to the Singaporean palate.

Sari Bistari Changi Village Famous Nasi Ayam Penyet is located at 01-71, Changi Village Hawker Centre, 2 Changi Village Road, Singapore 500002.

Charlie’s Corner

Charlie's Corner, Changi Village Hawker Centre, Singapore

Located right at the edge of the hawker centre, Charlie’s Corner is a gastropub that serves up Western comfort food and an eye-opening variety of 125 craft beers and ciders. While the standard of food has allegedly dropped in recent years, their excellent alcohol selection is still the best in the vicinity, and this diner is undeniably a chilled out spot to hang with friends.

Charlie’s Corner is located at 01-70, Changi Village Hawker Centre, 2 Changi Village Road, Singapore 500002.


Chock Full of Beans

Chock Full of Beans, Changi, Singapore

A pioneer of the café culture in Changi, Chock Full of Beans is a petite coffee house situated under a modest HDB. The superbly executed 2D and 3D coffee art designs clearly demonstrate the expertise of their baristas, while customers who have the munchies can look forward to an assortment of pasta, pizza, cakes, and sandwiches.

Chock Full of Beans is located at Blk 4 Changi village road #01-2090, Singapore 500004. Tel: +65 6214 8839

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Bunny and Pony

Bunny and Pony, Changi, Singapore

Hopping on the indie ice cream bandwagon fad is Bunny and Pony, a delightful dessert parlour that also sells lifestyle products like lamps, bags, and notebooks. Get your sugar levels rising with their fluffy waffles; do top it off with crowd-pleasing flavours such as Pina Colada, Dark Sesame, and Gula Melaka.

Bunny and Pony is located at Blk 1 Changi Village Road #01-2000, Singapore 500001. Tel: +65 9747 7778

Peloton Coffee and Juice Bar

Peloton Coffee and Juice Bar, Changi, Singapore

Decked with colourful bicycle wheels and sporting goods, Peloton Coffee and Juice Bar is a joint collaboration between the owner of Penny University and triathlon company Swim Bike Run. Being a café/retail space, customers can browse through numerous exercise equipment before or after indulging in a range of ice cream, confectionaries, or artisanal coffee.

Peloton Coffee and Juice Bar is located at 1 Changi Village Road, #01-2008, Singapore 500001. Tel: +65 6543 2771

The Finest Tea Shop

The Finest Tea Shop, Changi, Singapore

With halal cafés on the rise in Singapore, it’s no surprise to see The Finest Tea Shop making waves in Changi’s diversified food & beverage scene. It’s one of the more Instagram-worthy spots in the neighbourhood with their colourful cakes and pretty desserts; or you could just relax with a coffee or tea in hand.

The Finest Tea Shop is located at 4 Changi Village Road #01-2060, Singapore 500004. Tel: +65 6543 1723

A Spoonful of Sugar

A Spoonful of Sugar, Changi, Singapore

If you’ve got little tots of your own, A Spoonful of Sugar is a great place to spend the day with the young ones. In addition to serving conventional dessert items such as ice cream and cakes, this charming café also holds baking classes for children, and you’d be hard pressed to find a more kid-friendly shop in Changi Village.

A Spoonful of Sugar is located at Blk 4 Changi Village Road 01-2072, Singapore 500004. Tel: +65 6542 4244


La Cantina in Venezia

Emanating a modernistic charm in an old-school estate, La Cantina in Venezia is Village Hotel Changi’s resident Italian restaurant, and an upmarket lift from other eateries in the vicinity.  Surrounded by lush greenery and a resplendent view of the ocean,  this ristorante gives Singaporeans a timely respite from the fast-paced lifestyle that we’re so used to living. And while the food might not be fabulous, it’ll doubtlessly satiate any hankerings you might have for decent, and reasonably priced Italian cuisine.

La Cantina in Venezia is located at Changi Village Hotel, 1 Netheravon Road #08/09-02, Changi, Singapore 508502. Tel: +65 6546 9190

The Straits Wine Company (Changi)

Lodged at the ground floor of Village Hotel Changi, The Straits Wine Company is a fantastic medium for wine savants  to chat over a bottle or two of their favourite labels. A breeding ground for some of the best wines in the world, connoisseurs can look forward to exquisite bottles from countries such as Italy, Argentina, Portugal, and even India.

The Straits Wine Company (Changi) is located at 4 Changi Village Rd, Singapore 500004. Tel: +65 6214 3881

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