Review: ERW’s My Flight Pack Attempts to Beat Jet Lag Naturally

Flying can be amazing. There’s no quicker way to reach exotic new places and live out your most shameless Eat Pray Love (emphasis on the “Eat”) fantasies. But if getting on a plane gives you a serious case of jet lag (even with a hit of Diazepam), then maybe it’s time for something a little more physiologically tailored. On our latest expedition to New Zealand, we put to the test My Flight Pack – a new cure to travel’s worst downside.

Created by Chef Hannah Grant and Stacy Sims, a senior research fellow at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, the anti-jet lag kit consists of three sachets of instant in-flight hydration that combat the nasty effects of jet lag, aptly named PREP, REST, and WAKE.

Execution is fairly straightforward – simply dissolve each sachet in 500ml of water, and take accordingly. My Flight Pack is, first and foremost, a health-focused flight aid. While artificial sweeteners and a range of herbal supplements do great for the body, less can be said for the palate, so don’t hold your breath on the flavour.

Before boarding, mango-flavoured PREP acts as a super-hydrator. Essentially, it pumps the body full of vitamins and water to prepare for a dry, pressurized aircraft environment. Then, lemon-tea-flavoured REST triggers melatonin in the body, and helps with sleep. If you’re landing in the morning, WAKE is a protein-based energy drink that helps with recovery, beats drowsiness after the long flight, and is appropriately coffee-flavoured. But because we anticipated an evening arrival, we took PREP, WAKE, and REST the given order – though it differs based on what time you arrive at your destination (day or night).

The pack’s effectiveness lies in its host of herbal remedies, with natural medicines like Rhodiola rosea (to regulate and aid the body in adapting to changes in environment) and Ashwagandha extract (a natural stress hormone balancer). We did feel noticeably more comfortable in the cabin and less threatened by the five-hour time difference, so maybe ERW truly has a winning formula on their hands. Then again, we also consumed tons of water (1.5 litres in total), so as far as pack’s influence on the body goes, the jury’s still out. Plus, if you’re an advocate for Western cures over ancient Ayurveda, you may be more than skeptical – especially since the science isn’t well supported yet. While controlled simulations have shown positive effects, the “science-based” theory behind the pack has yet to be peer reviewed or published in a scientific journal).

At USD$15.99 per box, My Flight Pack certainly isn’t the cheapest anti-jet lag option out there, but it’s worth a shot for frequent fliers – though we’d definitely go for an aisle seat when trying.

My Flight Pack is available for direct purchase from ERW.

Erica Ho

Lifestyle Writer

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